Summary: Many Christians today are earning a living but are not experiencing victory in life or the results of total surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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The final chapter brings us back to the main character of the first chapter—Caleb. The land of Canaan was the place of victory for Israel, and it symbolizes the victorious Christian life for the believer.

I have discovered Canaan is not heaven but the place where God wants His people to follow Him for spiritual growth and Christian exploits.

I have discovered there must be a prospect for victory if we expect to be the persons and do what God has planned for our lives.

I have discovered the possession of victory requires building on the foundation laid in the Word of God.

I have discovered the preparation for victory includes new ways of living and abandoning our former ways as an unbeliever.

I have discovered the position for victory involves changes from being wanderers to being conquerors in order for Christ to be the Lord and Master of our lives.

I have discovered the person of victory is the man with the sword in His hand who comes to take over, and I am to be on His side.

I have discovered the plan for victory is provided by the Lord himself who is the author and finisher of our faith.

I have discovered the problems with victory require the conviction, repentance, and cleansing of sin so God’s perfect will can be fulfilled and result in many victories.

I have discovered the priority of victory requires following through; otherwise, unplanned problems will always be the result.

I have discovered the pinnacle of victory involves a continuing spiritual vigil in order to experience the peaks and perks of the Christian life.

God has called us not only to enter Canaan but also to occupy the mountains of Canaan. Many Christians today are earning a living but are not experiencing victory in life or the results of total surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ. They have yet to realize that God does not intend for them to live in the valley of depression but on the mountaintop of victory.

I submit it is God’s plan and will, just as it was for Caleb, for us to take our mountains. Caleb was the first spiritual mountaineer. He had faith to move and take mountains. He wanted to possess his possessions and experience the abundant blessings of the Canaan life. As Christians, we can live on the mountaintops of victory like Caleb if we will possess in our lives Caleb’s same qualities: commitment, confidence, courage, and conquest.


8“But I followed the LORD my God fully…9because you have followed the LORD my God fully…14because he followed the LORD God of Israel fully.”

Caleb had given everything to God. Halfhearted religion will never do. The halfhearted will be the fainthearted and will never take their mountains for God. Caleb had completely followed his God. Are we completely following the Lord Jesus Christ instead of trying to get Him to follow us? Have we committed everything to God: our families, finances, faith, and future? Caleb was a conqueror because he was committed. We must commit every area of our lives to Christ, or we will never take our mountains. Caleb learned at an early age what it really meant to follow God. Total commitment is required if we are to live and have the mountaintop victories of the Canaan life.

Dwight L. Moody was a great evangelist in the 1800s. God blessed his ministry in tremendous ways. Among other things, he was the founder of the YMCA, the Young Men’s Christian Association. Although the use of these facilities is different today, the Y’s were started as places for teaching and training men and women in the Word of God. During Moody’s second trip to England for ministry, he visited an open air crusade to hear another evangelist preach. This particular young man was Henry Farley, an evangelist for the European countries at that time. Farley made a statement that struck the heart of Moody in that service: “The world has yet to see what God can do in, through, and with a man who is wholly committed to Christ.” Moody’s response was, “By the grace of God, I will be that man.”

I pray God will speak to us and we will respond in total commitment—totally committed to know His Word, to cease murmuring and complaining, and to be and do whatever is necessary to bless God and establish His kingdom upon the earth.


6“You know the word which the LORD spoke…10Now behold, the LORD has let me live, just as He spoke…12Now then, give me this hill country about which the LORD spoke on that day.”

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