Summary: An investigative look at Jesus’ last days before crucifixionToday we will begin a look at the scenes of Jesus last days before His crucifixion with an investigative eye. We will try to bring some points to life that the ordinary approach may have missed.

CSI: Jerusalem

The Plot to Kill Jesus

An investigative look at Jesus’ last days before crucifixion

Michael Wiley



Today we will begin a look at the scenes of Jesus last days before His crucifixion with an investigative eye. We will try to bring some points to life that the ordinary approach may have missed. Today we will look closely at the plot!

From CSI manual:

Despite Hollywood’s portrayal, crime scene investigation is a difficult and time-consuming job. There is no substitute for a careful and thoughtful approach. An investigator must not leap to an immediate conclusion as to what happened based upon limited information but must generate several different theories of the crime, keeping the ones that are not eliminated by incoming information at the scene. Reasonable inferences about what happened are produced from the scene appearance and information from witnesses. These theories will help guide the investigator to document specific conditions and recognize valuable evidence.


The key question as in any murder case is “Who did it?”

Preliminary evidence shows that a planned and executed conspiracy was behind it.

1. The Conspiracy is Born


The Pharisees – “separated ones”

1.had noble beginnings – separated from the Hellenistic Jews from Babylon captivity

2.Adhered to God’s law, especially tithing and ritual purity

3.Were the reformers,, fought to restore Israel back to God’s law

4.By time of Christ the Priesthood was so corrupt the people looked to them for guidance

5.Were the puritans – built laws around laws called “oral tradition”

6.Sons of Hell

The Chief Priest – Caiaphus

1.Politically motivated, pragmatic, opportunist

2.Had married former High priest’s daughter to get the job – held it for two decades

3.Money changer were under his authority

4.Was a Saducee – the liberals of the age – had rejected any resurrection of the dead and hope for a Messiah among other things

5.John 11:50 – wanted to suppress a political threat

Judas Iscariot


2.Was the treasurer of Jesus’ ministry

3.Had concern for the perfume at Simon’s house (Jn 12:26)

4.Appears he wanted a Messiah that would liberate Israel and he wanted to share in the glory

5.Had been embezzling funds

6.Conspired to lead them to Jesus in a quiet way – the garden

7.– From supper to the Garden

8.Rd. Mt 26:47 ff.

2.Contempt is Born in the Heart

1.Just looking at Mathew we can see the progression – the attitude of Pharisees and High Priest moving from that of inquisition to indignation

Mt 3:7

Mt 5:20

Mt 9:11,14

Mt 9:34 first negative

Mt 12:2 accusation

Mt 12:14 plotted to kill

Mt 21:45-46 looked for ways to arrest Him

2. Most telling about the heart of the leaders is from John

John 3:1 – Nicodemus

John 11:47-50 – Chief Priests, secret meeting

John 12:42 – would not confess

Why was Jesus’ silenced? Was it disbelief in His Messiahship or fear of Him rocking the boat and them losing power?

He would disrupt the uneasy peace with Rome, inflame the Zealots to rise up, would threaten the status of the Chief Priest and Sanhedrin that had token power from Rome. They had to silence Him and without any regard for His Messiahship – Mt 15:9 You honor me with your lips, but your hearts are far from me” It was all about power!

3. The Easy Way is not always the Right Way

We can’t get out of here without turning this to ourselves. We must ask ourselves, how we respond to Jesus?

It is Easier to deny Him!…


Michael Wiley

Woodstock Christian Church

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