Summary: In this sermon we see how desperation paved the way for divine encounters with the power of God.

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I am talking today about the positive power of desperation, as hard as it is to accept many times desperation is the best thing that can happen to us.

Desperation is where we come to an end of ourselves.

The great part of that is, When you come to an end of yourself you find God.

In our text the disciples had a word from the master (Cross over to the other side)

This word was a prophetic declaration of destiny

As they were moving in their prophetic word, (The storm arose).

*If you plan on doing anything for God you might as well get ready for the storm.

People who never do anything for God don’t have to worry much about the storm.

I’m talking about Satanic opposition, When you start moving in destiny Satan will resist you, and try to stop you.

Anyone can serve God when the sun is shining and the sea is calm, but it takes men and women of faith, courage, and committment to stay the course through the storm.

*The storm tests our level of committment

*The storm helps us to see what is really important and what is excess baggage.

*The storm shakes loose the things that aren’t connected in the spirit of Christ.

*The storm brings out your best and your worst.

The storm brought these disciples to a place of desperation.

Why did they need to reach this place of desperation?

It was because Jesus was coming to them in a different way than they had ever seen him before and if they had not been desperate they could have easily missed this fresh revelation.

Jesus waited until they were exhausted, worn out, (In other words they knew that self effort was useless) without divine assistance they were going to die.

It’s amazing how far we have to go sometimes to run into grace.

They saw Jesus on the water but Fear almost kept them from receiving him.

Fear hinders many people from receiving from God.

*Fear of the unknown

*Fear of what other people might think or say

*Fear of breaking a tradition

But Desperation overcame their fear

Their desperation became a positive force in preparing them for this awesome revelation and manifestation of the power of God.

Many I’m speaking to today have sensed a growing desperation in your spirit, You have not known which way to turn, nothing seems to be working anymore, your exhausted.

I believe your on the verge of a fresh revelation that is going to bring you into a deeper relationship with God than you have ever known before, and in turn there is going to be a greater manifestation of the power of God in your life.

Nobody likes to feel weak, or unsuccessful or like they don’t know what their doing, but sometimes we have to reach that place before our ears open to really hear what God is saying and our eyes are open to see how to do it Gods way.

Like the woman with the Issue of blood for 12 years, It wasn’t until she had spent all her money and exhausted every avenue at her disposal that she came to Jesus.

Had she had more money, or another doctor to turn to she may never have come to Jesus.

We could go on and on

It was desperation that caused Jairus to risk his reputation as a leader of the religious community by coming to Jesus because his daughter was dying.

It was desperation that caused blind bartimaeus to cry for mercy in spite of the persecution of those around him.

2kings 4

It was desperation that brought the widow woman to the prophet, Her husband had died and left her in debt, and her creditors were coming to make slaves of her two sons.

Her desperation created an avenue for a miracle of divine supernatural multipication and provision, as she poured from her pot of oil into many borrowed vessels.

To all those who have struggled with the feelings of desperation, as though you’ve done all you know how to do, you have prayed, you have fasted, you have confessed and it seems like nothing has changed.

I’ve come to tell you get ready, because on the other side of your desperation is a miracle, is a greater revelation of Jesus than you have ever known.

Desperation is like the last stages of pregnancy.

*Your uncomfortable

*nothing feels quite right

*You cry for no specific reason, it seems your emotions are right on the surface all the time.

*You don’t fit in the clothes you used to fit in

*You can’t sit where you used to sit

All the while something inside is growing, You may not be able to see what it is, but anyone can see your pregnant.

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Bob White

commented on Mar 12, 2011

Thank you for this anointed word, by the help of the Holy Ghost im going to deliver this to my Church. Great Message.

Alexander Togobo

commented on Jul 20, 2013

Thanks you for lightening me on some vital points, as l am preparing to bring my message on this very topic to an end tomorrow. desperation had put a let of people especially Christians away from God,they began doing things that they suppose not to do,things they did not joined to.

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