Summary: A look at the emergence of Samuel as hope for a struggling community as model for what is happening in our nation during this election year. It is an opportunity for all to see the possibilities that exist as we embrace this time of change.

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The Possibilities are Limitless: When You Change

1 Samuel 2.16-36

It is not difficult to see that the wind of change is blowing in 2008. The number 7 biblically is representative of completion thus 8 is a new beginning, a time for change, a time for fresh starts. I want you to know as you process in the beginning of this new year that you have an opportunity to start fresh in every area of your life and opportunity for you to walk in the light of new beginnings with new hope and new promise. For our nation 2008 will bring about a new beginning in the presidency. I have been and continue to be fascinated with the 2008 elections especially on the democratic side. This past week the New Hampshire primaries were held and we witnessed history in New Hampshire as we had witnessed history in Iowa. Senator Hillary Clinton won the New Hampshire primary and what we saw was for the first time in our nation’s history that two primaries was won by a political minority. An African American in the person of Barach Obama in Iowa and now a female in the person of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. I want you to embrace what is happening in the political arena as model for your own life that change is possible and that the possibilities are limitless. If the bible is true, and it is, then nothing is too hard for God. God is able to turn situations and circumstances around, God is able to make a way out of no way, able to turn a negative into a positive, able to transform the abnormality in to a miracle. I declare to you on behalf of the Holy Spirit that this is your year for change, your year for maturation, your year to walk into your promise. What did not mature for you last year will find new possibilities in this year. What did not work out the way you hoped or prayed will find fulfillment in this year. God has not started something in you that God is not able to bring to past. What God has spoken to you via the Holy Spirit will come to fruition because the Lord’s word will not fail, will not succumb. Just a not to enemy there is no devil in hell, no demonic spirit in high places that will cause the word of God to falter in your life. On last week we had the opportunity to see how God matured a blessing in the life of Hannah. I hope that you were able to see how she took her worship to a new level and in doing so God honored her and blessed her with the desires of her heart. What we discovered was a process that would lead to change if we too leaned to that process. We saw that it was important to not just be at church but be in church, we saw that we had to take our prayer life to a new level and we saw that had to walk in faith if we were going to experience change. Today we want to build on the premise developed last week that we may see that the possibilities are limitless with God. When we last visited the heroine of our text we found her spirit and personality had changed as she walked in faith after the man of God had prophesied on her life what God was about to accomplish. It takes a change in spirit and personality for change to take place any where else in our life. You have to change how you approach work, how you approach problems, how you approach family and even how you approach church. What we want to share with you today is that the change that will be precipitated by you can create change in every area of your life.

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