Summary: Third in he series, which looks at the new year in the light of limitless possibilites as modeled by the election. The life of Samuel gives us a biblical model by which we examine those possibilities.

The Possibilities are Limitless: When You Trust God

1 Samuel 7.1-13

This week is labeled super Sunday and the justification is because the 2007/8 football season comes to an end as it crowns its champion. This year different than those of the recent past the entire week is filled with super events. On Tuesday 34 states will hold their presidential primaries and if Tuesday doesn’t decide the democratic and republican candidate it will come very close to doing so. It is not hard to see the reason what the hype is all about. I want to declare for you that before the football began, before the primaries on Tuesday and before the all star weekend that this moment can be the kickoff of your super Sunday, super week and even the rest of your life. Doesn’t matter how it is gone up to now, doesn’t matter what got you here or how you got here in the matter of a moment this can be the kick off to the best days of your life. In order for the two teams that will meet on the field of play to participate in the super bowl they had to defeat every team they met in this year’s playoff. One team enters the game with the possibility of having a perfect season the first in 30 years. The other team won each of its games on the road to be the third team in NFL history to win three games on the road to make it to the championship game. One team has a chance to walk into perfection, the other team has a chance to derail the perfection and leave its name in the annals of NFL history. In order for the one to reach perfection it must win, and in order for the other to leave it’s mark it to must win. On Super Tuesday whoever wins will be the one that will go into the annals of American history as either the first woman or the first person of color to win a major party’s nomination for the presidency. For it to happen the combatants on the field and in the political arena must find victory. I got news for you as well, no matter what you are dealing with in your life, personal, financial, spiritual, relational for you to make this a super Sunday and a super beginning to the rest of your life you too must be victorious. Whatever battlefield that the enemy has you participating on or in, your marriage, your children, your job, the only way out is with a win. This battle is too costly, this battle is too important, this one cannot end with a loss, with a tie, the only way out is with victory. Because for the teams that will meet on the field of play the looser will be disappointed but it is just a game and they will go on, for the candidate that looses out on their run for president, disappointed, and broken but they will go on but for you the cost of lost is too high, defeat is not an option victory is the only option. I got news for you when it is this important you need to hedge your bet, you need an edge that will guarantee victory, guarantee success. That is exactly what our text offers us on this morning, it gives us the play book if you will, the strategy, and the plan that will guarantee success. The last time we looked in on Samuel he acknowledged and accepted the call of God on his life. In order for him to do so he had to recognize the voice of God, respond to the voice of God and react to the voice of God. We learned that it is the same challenge that we have as well if we are going to experience limitless possibilities. A lot has changed since our last visit Samuel has grew into adult hood and the prophetic promise of God has become a reality. The Philistines an indigenous group in Cannon rose to power and went to war with Israel. The Philistines defeated the Israelites killing over 30,000 soldiers. The house of Eli has come a horrifying end, both sons died in war, the ark of the covenant of God had been lost in battle. Eli fell and broke his neck after hearing of the loss and his daughter in law died giving birth to a son that was named Ichabad meaning that the Glory has departed from Israel. What a mess they were in. Over the next 20 years the people of God lived fearful of the Philistines, for twenty years they cowered at the threat of their presence, for twenty years they felt the emptiness of power that they were entitled, for twenty years they lived defeated. Finally enough was enough and it was time for a change. It was time to experience the possibilities that God had for them and it all came to fruition on that faithful day on what we will call Super Sunday. It is in the events of that day that a strategy for success is enacted.

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