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Summary: An examination of the life of Samuel as model for the possibilities that exist for us in this new year. We see this exploration in what is happening in our national election

The Possibilities are limitless:

When You Walk In the Plan of God for Your Life

1 Samuel 3:1-21

As we move forward in this year of new beginning once again we are reminded that the possibilities are limitless. On last evening the state of South Carolina went to the voting polls and in what can only be called a landslide victory, Barack Obama where he won 55% of the popular vote more than doubling the numbers of his closest competitor and more votes than the two other candidates combined, reminded us that the possibilities are limitless. They are limitless not just in politics but they are limitless in our spiritual and personal lives. What the Holy Spirit wants you to know is that you have an awesome God, an all powerful God, an all knowing God and an all loving God and there is nothing that God will not do for you. Your possibilities are limitless because of the limitless power of our God. It is easy to loose ones traction, to loose ones bearing and instead of moving forward you find yourself in a bad place, in a place where there seems to be no hope, seems to be no options I want you to know that the possibilities are limitless. The struggle to make sense of life’s situations and circumstances sometimes seems impossible. That is the plan of the enemy to darken the skylines of your life, to darken the hope in your heart to steal the dream from your visions and if you give the enemy and inch it will take a mile. If you slip it will try to knock you down, if you are wounded it will try to kill you. You may have come here wounded by the reality of life. If you are struggling, that is life. If you are hurting, that is life. If you are feeling beat down, that is life. It is life but it is the will of God to empower your life, to lift you to a level never thought imagined. To help and ensure that you walk into the glory of the possibilities that God has ordained for you is the design of worship and the design of Christian fellowship. We gather here in this chapel across from a swamp to be reminded that God’s calling on our lives is to come out of the bog, come out of the dismal places and to walk into the full glory of what God intends. I know that there is a discussion that takes place in our minds that say if that is the intent of God, why don’t God just make it happen, why don’t God just change things, why don’t God take on the role of the leprechaun from lucky charms and just make it magically appear. The reality is that change is empowered by God and created by God but brought to past by our actions. We can and should pray, we trust and should rely on God but for change to take place God requires the actions of those who desire the change. Moses had to confront Pharaoh, Joshua and the exodus generation had to march around Jericho any change or action that leads to liberation, that leads to emancipation, that leads to change requires actions on those that yearn the change. Dr. Martin Luther King reminded us that the oppressor never lets go willingly but only when those that are oppressed demand their freedom. Apartheid did not die willingly, American slavery did not die willing, John Crow did not die willingly but was made to let go. Just as the enemy was the author of that confusion that same deceiver is the author of the confusion in your life. You may not believe that the devil is busy messing around in your life, but the bible reminds us that we war not against flesh but against spiritual wickedness in high places. That’s right you have been fighting a battle that you thought was on equal grounds but the reality is you have been fighting with the deck stacked against you. However there is good news this morning because I have come by to give you some ammunition that will level the playing field. On our last visit or peek into the life of Samuel he had been brought to the tabernacle to serve and grow in the house of God. We found that Hannah’s blessing had become a blessing for the house of God, for Hannah’s family and for the nation as a whole. Now we find that blessing, Samuel, walking into the fullness of his possibilities. I believe that what God would have us see in this text as Samuel walked into the fullness that God ordained for him a road map that will lead us into our limitless possibilities as well.

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