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Summary: God gives us a burden before we can do anything great for Him

The Power a Burden Brings

Selected Passages

February 25, 2001


I. What is a burden?

A. Webster

1. Something that is carried, a duty or responsibility

2. Something oppressive or worrisome

3. The bearing of a load or the capacity for cargo

B. Our Christian Understanding

1. A burden is what we feel for the cause of Christ. It is a driving force to carry on the work of Christ.

2. The burden we have is not oppressive but rather it brings focus and freedom in the service of Christ.

3. Our burden is our charge to live for and serve Christ each and every day of our lives

II. The Reality of a Burden

A. A Sense of Obligation

1. We are called to serve Christ and expand His kingdom

2. We are called to lead the church in this work and have an obligation to the congregation and the community

B. A sense of Opportunity

1. The ministry of the Kingdom can be easily called a holy opportunity

2. We are called to recognize and respond to the doors that God opens for us

3. We must be ready for the opportunities that god gives us when He gives them

C. A sense of Urgency

1. We are surrounded by a lost and dying world. Statistics show that the majority of the state is unchurched and the average percentage per county is 67%. This means that 67 out of every one hundred people have no church connection and are most likely unsaved.

2. The work of the Kingdom cannot wait. The deadliest message of Satan is not that there is no need to serve Christ, or that there is no reason to serve Christ. His message is that there is no hurry to serve Christ.

D. A sense of Accountability

1. We are accountable to God for the service that we do for the Kingdom. We are equally accountable for the service that we fail to do for the Kingdom

2. We are also accountable to one another for the work of the ministry


I. A Burden cleanses your Cause

A. Nehemiah had pure motives

1. The process of a burden

a.) God gives a burden

b.) The burden creates a passion for the need

c.) The passion leads us to a vision for the burden to be completed

2. Nehemiah was completely selfless when he made the request of the king. He literally risked his life to ask the king for help

3. Nehemiah was deeply moved about the situation in Jerusalem

B. Nehemiah would be required to make personal sacrifices

1. The Safety Issue: Nehemiah would have to make the long and difficult journey to and from Jerusalem to complete the project

2. The Security Issue: Nehemiah would have to give up his position as the cupbearer of the king to go and complete the project

3. The Skill Issue: Nehemiah did not have the ability to do such a massive project. He had no experience in building walls

II. A Burden Plants your Perseverance

A. Nehemiah would not give up

1. Nehemiah continued the work in spite of difficulties and dilemma’s. He faced personal challenges and public conflicts.

2. Nehemiah was driven by powerful conviction given by God. He would not give up and he would not give in

B. Nehemiah had a champion’s attitude

1. Nehemiah faced down conflict and controversy with boldness and courage

2. Nehemiah led in every circumstance with a positive attitude

III. A Burden Fastens your Faith

A. Nehemiah believed that the work could be done

1. Nehemiah had the faith that God would provide the needed resources to complete the project

2. Nehemiah had the faith that God would empower him to do the impossible

B. Nehemiah remained focused on the task

1. Nehemiah was securely fixed on the task ahead

2. Nehemiah was focused on finishing not just starting


God is looking for people through whom he can do the impossible, what a pity that we plan only the things we can do by ourselves – A.W. Tozer

What stirs your heart?

Do you have a God centered burden in your life?

If you could do anything great for God before you die, what would it be?

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