Summary: Mark presents the credentials that give Jesus Christ authority and power.

The Power and Authority of Christ

The Book of Mark

Mark 1:21-2:13

I. Introduction:

A. Many people exercise authority and power over us today.

1. Government

2. Bosses

3. Teachers

4. Parents

B. All of them have this authority and power because they have certain credentials or qualifications which make them eligible for that position.

1. Experience

2. Education

3. Training

4. Someone isn’t a police officer able to demand obedience just because he says he is a police officer.

a) He must go through months of training.

b) He must pass many tests.

c) He must meet all of the qualifications.

d) He must be awarded a badge.

e) Then he can demand that we obey him as he enforces the law.

C. Can you think of a time when you had to submit to the authority of someone who was unqualified for the position?

D. We should ask what qualifies someone to assume authority over us in any way.

E. In Matthew 28 Jesus Christ said that He has been given all authority in heaven and earth.

1. This is a far reaching statement.

2. It has implications that encompass everything and everyone.

3. This claim is part of the reason so many people try to dispel His impact on our world.

a) They come up with documents that supposedly show that He isn’t who we think He is.

b) They say He was a great teacher like many other great teachers but certainly has no right to demand anything from us any more than those other great leaders.

F. If in fact He does have credentials that demonstrate His right to exercise authority then we are compelled to respond to that authority.

G. In our passage today Mark presents the credentials that give Jesus authority and power.

H. I want to explore this from 3 perspectives.

1. The demonstration of His credentials.

2. The purpose of the demonstration

3. The results of the demonstration.

II. Mark chose to show The Power and authority of Jesus Christ through 4 events in Jesus’ Galilean ministry.

A. Authority academically vs.21-22

1. He taught in the Synagogue on the Sabbath.

a) Jewish place of worship.

(1) Established during the captivity.

(2) It was the place where God’s word was taught to the Jewish people

(3) Done mostly by the scribes and elders

b) Jesus went where He knew the people would be.

c) The word indicates that He spoke at some length.

2. He taught with authority not possessed by the scribes vs.22

a) His authority was based upon His own word.

b) The scribes usually quoted great men of the past.

(1) Commentaries

(2) Traditions

c) The people present were astonished

(1) This is a very strong word.

(2) It means to be shocked and amazed.

(3) They were used to hearing the scribes read what someone had said now they were hearing someone speak His own words and they were profound.

B. Authority in the spirit realm vs.23-24

1. Jesus preaching produced immediate results.

2. Demon possession means.

a) Being under the control of satanic forces.

b) Indwelt

c) In control of his total being.

3. The demons recognize Christ for who He is vs.24

4. He had the power and authority to command them to do His bidding vs.25.

a) Jesus isn’t denying who He is here.

(1) He is just not allowing a demon to advertize it.

(2) He was accused of being from Satan by the Pharisees later anyway.

b) Rebuke

(1) Reprove or strongly admonish.

(2) The word has the idea of rebuking someone who will not acknowledge his sin or repent.

(3) There is another Gr. word used with relation to someone who becomes convicted and repents.

c) “Be quiet”

(1) Lit. be muzzled like an ox.

(2) Shut up

d) His command to come out is obeyed vs.26-27

Power and authority over not only the mind the spirit but also the flesh.

C. Authority in the physical realm vs.29-31, 40-48

1. We are all bothered by physical problems from time to time.

a) Some more than others.

b) Problems that range from a simple cold to cancer or some crippling disease or accident.

c) Most of the time we wait helplessly for these things to run their course.

d) Scott with a high fever.

2. Here Mark records two instances where Christ demonstrates His power over illnesses.

a) Simon’s mother was sick with a fever vs.29-31

(1) Her recovery was immediate and complete.

(2) She served them.

b) The Leper vs.40-43.

(1) Leprosy was one of the most dread diseases of antiquity.

(2) This man was helplessly being swallowed up by this disease.

(3) He looked to the Lord.

(4) Christ had compassion.

(5) His recovery was immediate also vs.42.

Mark has demonstrated Jesus power and authority over the mind the spirit and the flesh

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