Summary: This sermon was preached in the midst of a 21 day fast as the church read through the book of John

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John 15 was absolutely powerful! Here is a brief outline of what God spoke to me.

How many people want to see real, sustainable progression in their lives?

But how do you get that? Often times we miss out on what we could have because of a bad connection.

Connection is vitally important.

Student-teacher/Television-programming/ Father-child. A title is an implication of connection.

Without the proper connection a name or title is useless. So it is with us as believers.

Without the proper connection to Christ our titles as Christians is not validated.

Here in John 15, this is exactly what Jesus teaches to the disciples.

I. The True Vine

A. Jesus is the source of everything we are

1. What is a good is a branch that is not connected to a tree?

2. That connection provides what is needed to survive and flourish

3. Take a branch give it water, sun, and plant food but it is still dead. Stay Connected!

B. We are extensions of Christ

1. An apple tree cannot have one branch that produces oranges

2. Are you producing what you were called to produce?

3. A building is always a reflection of the materials used to build it

a. Cheap materials, cheap building

b. What is the basis of your relationships? (What are they built on?)

II. Be a Branch

A. Being a branch takes time

1. Branches don’t appear over night, they grow over time

2. Even when you become a branch there is more because you must produce fruit

3. Don’t be afraid to be cut/pruned

4. Sometimes God cuts you to help you grow more

B. A Bad Connection puts you on a treadmill

1. Verse 4- Don’t forget what got you there, it is your connection to Christ

2. Sometimes we get so caught up in the fruit that we forget how we got it

3. Without staying connected to Christ you cannot produce the fruit of changed lives

III. What a Good Connection Produce

A. Verse 7- Jesus gets involved in your business when you get involved in his

B. You will see much fruit: answered prayer, joy, love & changed lives

C. Signs of a good connection

1. John 14:14- Your desires should reflect his

2. When you want what he wants you cannot fail!

3. Win Souls and Make Disciples

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