Summary: Ambition is bad, right?...not necessarily.

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The Power of Ambition

“Uncharted” Week 2

September 19, 2004

Drama: “Make it Happen”

You could sum up every over-the-top success seminar you’ve ever attended in a single word:


We’re not exactly lacking for social icons who EMBODY that word, are we?

IMAG 01 – Donald Trump


• “The Donald”

o Ambition to be rich and famous

IMAG 02 – Paris Hilton

There’s Paris –

• Not the city, the WOMAN – Paris Hilton

o Heiress to the Hilton hotel fortune

• Ambition to be a famous model, movie star

Word “ambition” so common in our society that we often couple it with adjectives to tell what KIND of ambition we mean…

• There’s NAKED ambition

• No attempt to sugar coat it or disguise it

There’s DRIVING ambition

• First thing you think of in morning…

• Last thing you think of at night

Of course DRIVING ambition…is also –

IMAG 03 – Jeff Gordon

What consumed Nascar driver Jeff Gordon this year

• After 5 years of coming up short at Daytona

IMAG 04 – Vijay Singh

“DRIVING ambition” could refer to the feeling in a GOLFER’S heart when he tees it up

• Or what Vijay Singh felt heading into this season

• After having a bellyful of TIGER WOODS year after year after year

IMAG 05 – Jason Kidd

“DRIVING ambition is what NBA star Jason Kidd has in his heart…

• When he drives for the bucket

Then there’s BURNING ambition

• A desire to succeed at something that is all-consuming

IMAG 06 – Firefighter

Of course, “BURNING ambition” can ALSO be

• Firefighter’s goal as he approaches a building that’s ablaze

Then there’s BLIND ambition

• Somebody who’s so ambitious they can’t see anything else

o Destroy others and themselves, in the process

But you wouldn’t BELIEVE what I ran across when I researched “Blind ambition” for this message!

IMAG 07 – Window Blinds

“Blind Ambition is ALSO the official name of –

• A WINDOW treatment organization

IMAG 08 – Blind Manager

“Blind Ambition” is the official name…

• Of an organization dedicated to helping blind people reach MANAGEMENT positions

IMAG 09 – Duck Blind

“Blind Ambition” is even the official name…

• Of a DUCK hunting organization

IMAG 10 – Madonna

Finally, there’s BLONDE ambition –

• So named for Madonna’s “Blond Ambition” tour

But that was several personas ago…

• As we speak, Madonna is actually in the HOLY Land –

o She was in the news yesterday because a couple of her bodyguards were arrested for roughing up several members of the press

• At least for THIS trip she’s actually using her JEWISH name, which is “Esther”

The “Material Girl” says she’s no longer CONTENT with riches, stardom and fame…

• It hasn’t brought her the FULFILLMENT and HAPPINESS she always thought it would

o Now, she’s on a search for SPIRITUAL meaning

George Bernard Shaw

• “There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart’s desire. The other is to get it.”


• The PRESS has been more than a little SKEPTICAL of the new Madonna

o As far as THEY’RE concerned, it’s just another promotional reinvention intended to advance the next phase of her career

Well, I, for one APPLAUD Madonna’s search

• I hope it’s sincere…

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