Summary: Many people are suffering because they did not give ALL the glory to God or they did not lay it to heart to give God thanks for whatever blessing that came their way.

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Study Text– Luke 17:11 – 19


- Gratitude is a spiritual force that empowers you to scale higher. You can’t change to higher level without it.

- Ten people were healed, but only one returned to say ‘thank you’ to Jesus. And He took note of that. Psalm 92: 1 – 3.

- Why didn’t the other nine return to give their appreciation to Him? What do you imagine our world would look like if every individual would appreciate God for every blessing received, whether great or small?

- Yes, God expects you to give appreciations. He values our praise and thanksgiving, and is actually motivated by it!

- Thanksgiving and appreciation will establish your blessings as permanent features of your life. Ingratitude is a major reason for stagnation. A man who does not give thanks does not move forward no matter how much he prays.

- It takes gratitude to become great. A man that is not grateful does not live a great life. Until we thank God for where we are, we cannot move to where we are meant to be.

- We shall discuss the topic under three sub-headings:

1. The Purpose of Appreciation

2. The Patterns of Appreciation

3. The Power of Appreciation

1. The Purpose of Appreciation

- Until you thank God for where He has brought you, He will not take you to where He has planned to take you.

- Your struggles will reduce and your glory will show when you live a life of gratitude. Every time the devil reminds you of what God has not done, show him what God has already done.

- When David’s capability of conquering Goliath was questioned, he told them what God has done before, by helping Him to kill the lion and the bear. 1 Sam 17: 34 - 37

Psalms 92:1 - It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High:

- There are so many purposes of giving thanks and appreciation to God. The purpose of appreciation and giving thanks include the following:

i. We are commanded to give thanks to God at all times and in every situations as one of the perfect will of God for us. 1Thes 5:18

ii. To acknowledge that every good thing and blessings we enjoy in life has its source in God. James 1: 17

iii. To acknowledge that the blessings we received could not be obtained by our own making, or by other means apart from God. John 3: 27.

iv. To indicate that we value the blessings of God greatly, and this can serve as a platform for receiving greater or other blessings from Him. I Sam 17: 37.

v. To fulfil the scriptural requirement of how to make our request known unto God. Thanksgiving is a MUST for a glorious future. Phil 4: 6 – 7.

Failure to give thanks and appreciate God also has some terrible effects on our life. Some of this include:

i. It opens door for the enemy to attack. (Deut 28:47-48)

- Lack of appreciation keeps God away from you and your affairs but attracts the enemy.

ii. It will attract curses rather than blessings from God. (Malachi 2:1-3)

- When we do not lay it to heart to give thanks to God, He curses our blessings and our position will change for the worse.

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