Summary: Faith gives us the power to live each day.

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Hebrews 1:1-3

Man is quiet an amazing creature and stands at the zenith of all creation. Man has been given the marvelous ability to communicate with the world around him and with others. He has been given the five senses of taste, feel, smell, hearing and sight. He has also the most highly developed mind of all creation which has the ability to reason and make decisions.

Yet, as fascinating a creature that man is he still has tremendous limitations. He is limited in senses.

He can only taste that which is placed within his mouth.

He can only feel that which comes in contact with him.

He can only smell that which is in close proximately.

With hearing he can hear thunder that is miles away, but he still has limits.

His sight is his most fascinating sense as he can see the moon and the stars millions of miles awat, but cannot see microscopic germ on his glass.

As brilliant as man is in his thinking and rational, he is severely limited in his understanding of the vast amount of information in this world. What man would dare to claim he can understand even 25% of all the information in this universe, much less beyond.

Yet, God in His wisdom did not leave man powerless in his overwhelming limitations. No, he provided man with a remedy of this great defect. He provided faith to help bridge the great gulf...

between man’s limitations and his potential;

between the visible and invisible world

between the known and the unknown.

Listen again to how the Bible defines faith....

(Heb 11:1) Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


Now let’s break this definition down...

A. Faith is the substance of things hoped for,.....

Substance (hupostasis) is a word from the earliest of Greek times which has transformed in meaning throughout the years

1) Early Greek included an idea “to stand under for support”.

–Faith has the idea of that which supports our position of belief

2) Early medical and scientific use of hupostasis included a reference of the “residue that remains which can be seen or takes concrete shape.

–therefore, I suggest that Faith is that which remains when all else is gone.


Ron Dunn a wonderful Baptist pastor who had to live through the tragedy of his son committing suicide explained it this way, “I have reached the bottom of my faith and found out it is on solid ground.

3) In general usage hupostasis came to mean a plan.

This was evidence for the idea for our structure. Not the original idea or the completed structure, but the plan.

Illustration: blueprint for our new church building

–Faith is God’s plan for the Christian life

4) Hupostasis always was used for a

“document for a tract of land or some property.”

–Faith is God’s deed assurance us of things to come.

Therefore, with the idea of faith is the substance of things hoped for, then

Faith is the

--support that assures us of our hope

–residue that proves the validity of our hope

–plan that shows the way to our hope

–deed or the guarantee of our hope

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