Summary: the conditions of forgiveness are repentance and confession forgiveness allows us to release what was inside of us.

the conditions of forgiveness are repentance and confession

** forgiveness allows us to release what was inside of us....

**until you empty yourself, you cant receive anything from God

** we don't forgive people because they deserve it, we forgive because we know tht through Christ God forgave us of all our transgressions

**we don't forgive people because of the quality and quantity of their sin

**we forgive people because we understand the love of God

** how to forgive people?

1) Release

** if we don't forgive we put ourselves in the place of God

____Leviticus 19:18

____Romans 12:19

** if you live your life with vengeance u will only be trying to avenge ourselves

___you will be trying to vindicate yourself

**Vengeance___to bring justice to unjust situation

___it is impossible for us to bring justice to unjust situations

___because we are not just

___we have been justified by the only just being (Jesus)

** you have nothing to prove, but you have someone to please

2) Receive

**Matthew 6:12

___As----->in the same way

____if we keep bringing it up, we haven't forgiven as yet, because God doesn't remind us of our sins

**"freely you have received, freely give"

___we have freely received forgiveness therefore we can freely give forgiveness

___if you have a problem forgiving people you have a problem receiving it

** if you feel in anyway that you are paying for your sins, you will make other people pay for what they do

** if you feel you have to earn forgiveness, you will make other people earn their forgiveness from you

** if you have a difficulty in receiving forgiveness, you will have a difficulty in giving forgiveness

**how can we help someone having a difficulty receiving forgiveness?

3) Believe

** (Psalm 103:12)

** Isaiah 53:6

**He removed our inequity (from the east to the west) and laid it on His Son Jesus

** (Habakkuk 1:13)

** (Job 36:7)

** (1 peter 3:12)

** ( 2 Corinthians 5:21)

____something had to be done just so that God can look at us

____He laid my inequity on His Son, He removed my inequity just so that He can look at me (God is Holy/righteous He cant look at sin )

**He can talk with me, He can walk with me, He can put His arm around me

** Because we received forgiveness fully and freely we can give it fully and freely


1) We were in sin, we were cursed because of the Law,

__we were made to be sinful because of one man's disobedience

2) Christ took all of God's punishment for your sake, He went through the most terrible pain anyone could ever imagined,

__He was tortured for our sake

__He was sent to face death instead of us

3) He had no sin, no sin was found in Him

__God didn't find any sin from Him

4)but yet He forgave us, He loved us , He cared for us

__at the most worse situation anyone can find their selves in, at the most painful situation , He said "Father forgive them"

5) i know some of you are saying "i don't understand".....

__ i don't understand why the Son of God had to be spat on for your sake

** some of you are saying how can i forgive someone that made my mother to die with nothing, in a painful situation and doesn't even regret it

__ let me tell you this if u don't forgive, u telling God that what your Son went through is nothing compared to what my mom went through.....

__ i tell you God loves you and He is just to forgive us our sins.....and He doesn't regret sending His Son for our sake

**even if you have to cry, do so, but release whoever is in your heart, forgive them, and confess it to them when you get home, do it for yourself, do it for your kids, don't let anyone curse you because you cant let go,

__don't let pride stand in your way of freedom and security and eternal life and inheritance

__may the Holy Spirit enable you to forgive and to forget and move on in Jesus Name

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