Summary: Everything necessary for the abundant and godly life is potentially ours through the knowledge of God. Knowledge of God is the means by which we gain the power of God.

In may of 1883 strange noises were heard over a hundred miles

away coming from the island of Krakatoa between Java and

Sumatra. Some Dutchmen chartered a boat and visited the island to

investigate. They heard rumbling deep in the earth, and saw geysers

of steam shooting up here and there. They left the island, and three

months later this island paradise blew sky high. In the words ofLewis

Dunnington it was, "The most awful, cataclysmic contortion

of the earth's crust that the world had ever experienced." Cracks

opened up again and again, and ocean water poured into Molten

white hot lava until 14 square miles of the island was hurled into the

sky. The Royal Society of London said, "It made the mightiest noise

which, so far as we can ascertain, has ever been heard on the globe.

It was distinctly heard 3000 miles away four hours later. Here is

a mini example of what Peter says in 3:10 will happen on the Day of

the Lord when the heavens will pass away with a loud noise, and the

elements will be dissolved with fire. It was a mini example of

judgement day, but a fantastic demonstration of destructive power.

It created a title wave 50 feet high tearing across the Indian Ocean

at speeds up to three hundred fifty miles per hour. It destroyed 163

villages with all their inhabitants. It reached Cape Horn in 17

hours, and on the way it destroyed 5000 ships. One Dutch ship was

carried 2 miles inland. Dust from the pulverized island rose 20 miles

into the air, and it was carried around the globe. Six months later

the sky over St. Louis, Missouri was green and yellow from that


Scientists went to visit the island in 1884, and they found no life at

all. Two years later in 1886 they returned, and they found ferns,

four varieties of flowers, two kinds of grass, butterflies, ants,

caterpillars, morning glories, mango and sugar plum. Birds which

carried the seeds of all this vegetation were there in abundance. It

was again a paradise, and again a mini example of God's plan after

the world is destroyed. Peter says in 3:13 that we look for a new

heaven and new earth.

The events on the island of Krakatoa illustrate the events of all

history from paradise lost to paradise regained. It illustrates the

power of life over the power of death even in nature. Nature, of

course, is God's plan, and we see this same fact in the spiritual

realm. Sin blew man's paradise and harmonious relationship to

God all to pieces. But as the birds were God's agents in nature to

restore life to the island, so the Dove of the Holy Spirit brings new

life into the desert of man's soul. When men respond and drink of

the water of life that Jesus offers, the desert blooms as a rose.

The whole point is that the power of life, good, and godliness will

always triumph over the power of death, evil and wickedness,

provided we are in the right relationship to the source of this power.

Peter says in verse 3 that God's divine power has granted to us all

things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of

Him who called us to His glory and virtue. Everything necessary for

the abundant and godly life is potentially ours through the

knowledge of God. Knowledge of God is the means by which we

gain the power of God. From beginning to end the Christian life is a

matter of the power of God working in us. By believing in Christ

and receiving Him as Savior we are given, says John, the power to

become the children of God. The Christian life from that point is a

matter of the energy of God flowing through us.

The English word energy is taken from the Greek word

frequently used by Paul. In Gal. 2:8 he writes, "He who energized

in Peter for the mission to the circumcised energized in me also for

the Gentiles." The Greek is translated in the New Testament as

worketh, wrought mightily, or operated. The idea is God's energy

working in man's life to empower them for service. Here are a few

verses in which we see this word being used. Col. 1:29 says, "I

labor, striving according to His energy which energizes in me in

power." Eph. 3:7 says, "The gift of the grace of God which was

given to me according to the energy of His Power." Phil. 3:13 says,

"It is God who energizes in you both to will and to energize for His

pleasure." I Cor. 12:6 says, "There are diversities of effects of

energy; but it is the same God who energizes all in all."

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