Summary: We know that our God - the God of the universe, the God of all creation is trustworthy!

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1. One of the great enemies of our FAITH is DOUBT, 2nd Thoughts.

2. A hesitation here, some vacillation there.

3. Unbelievable unsurety. The weakness of wavering!

“Doubt makes the mountain that faith moves!”

SO today in our lifetime, there is an all out attack upon the truthfulness & reliability of the Bible.

• Because if they can undermine the truth that God has revealed, then our faith in God will shake too.

• Historical Revisionism has infiltrated the Church.

• With groups like the Jesus Seminar who come together to vote on whether Jesus said what he said. Like they would know!

• “I don’t think Jesus would say that.”

• OH OK, Joe, you’re right. We’ll follow you!

There’s ALSO a recent wave of ARCHEOLOGICAL REVISIONISM that attempts to discredit the finds spoken of in the Scriptures.

• Truly it’s an all out attack on your faith and mine.

It’s been wisely said, “If a man doubts his way, Satan is always ready to help him to a new set of opinions.”

• So the attacks come don’t they?

• Don’t believe in God. He won’t come through for you!

• Don’t believe in the Bible. It’s not true or accurate!

• Don’t trust, Don’t have faith, Don’t look to Jesus

But Peter, an eyewitness of Jesus Christ, a friend, a confidant, a follower, a disciple says…

2 Peter 1.16 For we did not follow cunningly devised fables when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of His majesty.

SO IS YOUR GOD TRUSTWORTHY? We know that our God is, the God of the universe, the God of all creation!

• We KNOW THAT but do we trust Him?

• How are you PERSONALLY with the promises of God?

• Do they sustain you? Are you standing on them this morning?

• That was the difference between the 2 men in Matthew 7.

NOTE: As Jesus winds down the sermon on the Mount, He ties everything together.

• If you hear what I’ve said and DO THEM!

• In life, there are people that say and people that do.

• One uses their mouth & the other uses their actions.

• If you do these, put them into practice… You’re wise.

• BUT (v26) Whoever hears and does not do them…

• Well… that’s simply foolishness.

SO Jesus uses the illustration of building houses…

• Both men built a house. They both heard the gospel.

• They both built in about the same place, same materials.

• Both homes look real good on the outside.

• The problem was in their foundations.

SO it is with many people. They are good outwardly. They look strong, go to a good church, lot’s of good works…

• But there’s a difference.

• It’s their spiritual foundation. One on Jesus. Other is NOT.

NOTE: Storms reveal. A person is tested by the STORMS of life.

• If you want to see what a person is made of, watch them when the pressure is on, when their stuck.

• If the wrong foundation… ‘GREAT IS THE FALL’

APP: You see a great danger for us who love the Scriptures is to think hearing is the same as doing.

• “Oh, great study: you’re right. It was target. It moved me. It ministered to me. It taught me.”

• But then we leave here and begin to worry, to doubt, to waver!

• It’s WISE to humble ourselves and pray for a clean heart, and powerful conviction to put these things into practice!

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