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Summary: Why all this struggle for God’s blessing when there is an easy way to it. Find out the short-cut to having God’s blessings

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Adam and Eve never struggled to have anything they needed while in the garden of Eden. They enjoyed God’s blessing. What is the secret? Read the passage above and then follow on in this study.

One vital thing people pray and seek for in life is blessings. Every man, woman, boy and girl wants it. There is yet no man in life that does not have the desire to be blessed. Despite the desire and drive for blessings, not many people really enjoy it.

There are secrets to every good thing in life. I am sharing with you today the secrets to having blessings in life.

One Crucial thing-The Blessing

The secret to enjoying ceaseless flow of blessings in life is to have ‘the blessing’. There is ‘the blessing’ and there are ‘blessings’. Blessings are the visible things we feel or see; money, houses, cars, good health, children etc. On the other hand, ‘the blessing’ is not visible, not touchable even sometimes not feel-able.

The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

Prov. 10:22

Note from the passage that what God gives is ‘the blessing’ but it in turn draws riches, that is, blessings. ‘The blessing’ is a spirit (a word that has life in it). It follows the Blessed and attracts blessings to him wherever he goes. Success lives with the one with the blessing. He does not struggle to breakthrough or succeed. Look at Isaac; where there was famine, he became exceedingly successful just because he had ‘the blessing’. Gen. 26:1-15.

You should please understand that not all possessions are blessings. It is only those achievements, possessions that add no tears or pains that are true blessing. Some scheme their ways to the top, which is not a blessing. There are people that make covenants with the devil, demons, witches and other dark spiritual power to have a breakthrough; that is not a blessing. The only true blessing is that which God Himself gives a man and it comes through ‘the blessing’. There are a lot of people that are rich but are not blessed.

Having said it that ‘the blessing’ brings blessings, the next thing to consider is, ‘how can I get the blessing?’


There are three channels through which the blessing can come:

1. Your Parents especially your father

2. Your Pastor

3. God

I deliberately arranged tem in that order to bring home a point, and that is, ‘the blessing is closer to you than you think’.

1. Your Parents: Exodus 20:12

The First representatives of God in your life are your parents, especially your father. You share so many things in common with them. In fact, it looks as if they borrowed you life. They have God’s mandate to take care of you.

When your parents speak anything into your life genuinely, whether negative or positive, God stamps it. Look at the cases of Abraham blessing Isaac; Isaac blessing Jacob and Esau (Gen. 27:1-36); Jacob blessing his children (Gen. 49:1-15). Another good example is Jabez; his life was sorrowful because of the pronouncement of the mother on him at birth.

How you treat your parent is very significant to your breakthrough in life. If you do things that will make your parents bless you, you will be blessed but if otherwise, too bad. Many there are today that have abandoned their parents in the village while enjoying life in the city. May God have mercy on you. Take care of your parents and provoke the blessing out of them that your life may attract blessings.

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