Summary: Learning to recognise the Power that is the Holy Spirit.A frend to the end.

The Power of the Holy Ghost You as christians, have become a minority in the world. The Bible states that many are called but few are chosen. We all offend in one way or the other ,as we bring forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His words are pure and sometimes harsh and to the point. If we affiliate ourselves with the world then we become as weak as the world. The commandment of Jesus was, “ Come out from among the world and BE ye a separated people.” We cant be partaker of the sins of the world for we then become as guilty as the world. Jesus told Pilot, “you would not have power over me , except the Father in Heaven giveth unto you.” “ wait for the promise of the Father.” These are commandments of Jesus, not suggestions, sometimes christians jump ahead of God in trying to do a work, a work that seems worthy, a work that seems justified, a work that even needs to be done, but the works are sometimes done without the authorization from God. Remember that what God authorizes, He is obligated to finish, but if He hasn’t’ started the work, He has no responsibility for it. Some times I’m told that I am too imflamitory, too harsh or too forward for Jesus himself was accused of the same thing. We are to be Christ like, the Bible states, “be careful for nothing,..” to me thats calling things the way they are, calling sin, sin and unrightiouness, unrightiouness We are heading into a new world order of sin and unrightiouness.. Leading the way is the anti-christ or should I say the spirit of anti-christ. The power of the Holy Ghost, leads us into all truths, and ask yourself what are the truths in the scripture. The truths here in this verse is the truths behind the words, the world can read the words and even try to interpret them, but the truths are the hidden truths behind the words, interpreting the hidden mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. This is where the power of the Holy Ghost comes in to play with the believer. The Holy Ghost has the power to ,help us with our infermities. The Bible says so. We not only have a prayer line to Jesus but also the Holy Ghost, prayers for us, when we don’t know what to pray for. He helps us with our sicknesses, illnesses, desieses and depressions. His power extends beyond the physical into the spiritual realm. God did His part in the plan of salvation, by giving His son as the perfect sacrifice., Jesus did His part in giving His life as a ransom for many, and now the Holy Ghost has been given the power to convict and lead the lost to Jesus. His power started for us in Genesis and will finish at the end of time. He teaches us how to pray without ceasing , how to interpret scripture, how to love our enemies and most importantly, how to worship the Father. All His work and power ,is to the Glory of the Father. Lets look into scripture, The Holy Ghost is mentioned 112 times in old and new testament and Jesus is mentions 506 times in the New Testament. Starting this sermon is Acts 1:8, other scriptures are Matthew 1:20,3:11, 12:31-32, 12:32, and 28:19. These are by , no means the end of the list but its a start on a continuing search for the Power of The Holy Ghost. ars.

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