Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: There is no match for the power of God

The Power of the King

Psalm 2

I. The Rebellion of the Nations

A. Rebellion is a fact of life

1. Human nature is to rebel

a.) We are corrupted by sin

b.) Our automatic nature is to not trust or follow God

2. The reality of rebellion

a.) Rebellion is vain and often without merit

b.) Rebellion leads us away from God

B. Rebellion is an act against the LORD

1. The psalmist reveals rebellion against God

a.) The nations plot and kings conspire against God and His Messiah

b.) The world has constantly tried to defeat and de-throne God

2. Our personal struggles with God

a.) We too conspire against God but not so openly or defiantly

b.) When we go our own way rather than God’s way we stand against Him

C. Rebellion is false freedom set loose

1. Rebellion leads us to believe that we have freedom

a.) The nations were literally trying to break free from God and His authority

b.) This is a false notion that God brings bondage on us

2. False freedom only leads to more bondage

a.) The way of the world is a deadly trap. It makes a person feel free when they are still a prisoner

b.) There can be no freedom without God

II. The Response of the Father

A. God responds with laughter

1. God mocks rebellion because it has no place with Him

a.) The psalmist says that God laughs at the nations

b.) God is far from intimidated by the work of the nations

2. God scoffs off threats to His power and His authority

a.) God is in complete control of the universe

b.) There is no one who can threaten god and His position or power

B. God proclaims His divine leadership

1. God is the sovereign King over creation

a.) God rules over all the world – He rules it all

b.) God is the one who sets up kings and nations. They get their power from Him

2. God’s desire is to redeem the world and be its leader

a.) God wants to bring every person into relationship with Him through Jesus Christ

b.) God wants to have a relationship with you

III. The Rise of God’s Chosen Leader

A. God’s chosen leader is His family

1. God’s anointed one is His son

a.) This is a prophetic statement about Jesus

b.) The relationship between the Messiah and the Father

2. God is fulfilling His promise to David

a.) The Messiah would come from the line of David

b.) The messiah would reign on his throne forever

B. God looks upon His chosen leader’s future

1. God has set in place an inheritance

a.) God will give His anointed one sovereignty over all the earth

b.) God will allow everything to be under His possession and authority

2. God has given us a Messiah

a.) Jesus is indeed the fulfillment of this promise

b.) Jesus will one day return and set up His eternal Kingdom

IV. The Righteous Warning

A. A call for wisdom

1. God calls for the world to act with wisdom

a.) The fact is that to fight God is totally foolish

b.) We could never be able to stand against God

2. God sets His sovereignty above the world

B. A strong warning

1. God states His purpose

2. God warns the world

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