Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The Vision God gave to Isaiah

The power of Vision

Isaiah 6:1-8

Intro: this morning I want to talk to you about Vision, in webters dictionary the word vision is (the power of sight, ability to see, a supernatural appearance) the power of sight is very powerful. We are able to see all of the wonderful and beautiful things of the Lord, everything that has been created trees etc. but in the greek and Hebrew the word vision takes on a whole new meaning, (the purpose of visions was to give guidance and direction to God’s servants) Prov 29:18 “Where there is no vision the people parish” the word parish means ruin or spoil, if you and I do not know where we are going, if we have no outlook for our lives, if we are not hungry for more of God and what He wants we will eventually parish. There are three visions that I want to bring to you this morning, I heard someone teach on this and man has it stuck I pray that this morning you will here from the Lord in the direction of your lives. Isaiah the prophet was under king uzziahs rule and this king had the throne longer than any other king up to that time, he was a Godly king, after He sinned God struck him with leprosy, and was forced to live away from everybody, yet he repented and was a Godly king until his death. Isaiah since his child hood had been taught all of the right laws rituals and things to do he new them all. And now we pick up this story in Isaiah 6:1-8

The first vision this morning

I. “Upward Vision” Verse 1-4

A. the upward vision is the most important vision and the most powerful, this is where you see how holy the Lord is. I want you to understand that the Lord has to be on the throne, just because we know God does not mean that He is on the throne. What controls your life is usually what is on the throne, in other words what king has to die before you get an upward vision. When you finally see how holy and mighty and powerful God is, when you see Him high and lifted up, something happens on the inside of you, it is a reality check of God’s holiness. The train of His robe filled the temple, if you will open your hearts this morning and receive this there wil no more Monday blues, life does not have to be a roller coaster ride up and down in and out, you will have trials and tribulation ,you will still have temptation and problems but when you get the upward vision of God you can make it through hallelujah. The robe is Jesus Christ and he fills the temple with the Holy Spirit, the angels gather around the throne and proclaim Holy Holy Holy is the Lord. The sound of there voices shook the foundations, church this morning we need to see God High and lifted up and we need to realize how Holy, and powerful God is. It is the upward vision, and after you get a upward vision

II. “Inward Vision” Verse 5-7

A. when you have a inward vision it is no longer about everybody else around you living wrong and doing wrong it is you getting closer tothe Lord. No matter how good you are, no matter how many deeds you do, you begin to see yourself before God not what everybody else is doing. Verse 6 coal fire, let me talk with you just a little about fire for a moment. When we think of fire it always, or most of the time relayed to hell, but I want to show you a different view this morning. Several songs about fire, how the fire fell, revival fire fall, there are several books written about fire, Fresh fire. When Moses went to the mountain there he came face o face with God, a burning bush, fire, when God appeared to the whole Israelite community it was with fire, when Elijah prayed on the hill side with all of the prophets of Baal, and fire came form heaven and destroyed, when the Egyptian army was coming after Moses and the Isrealites a wall of fire blocked there path, everytime you see the word fire, that does not always mean hell, power of God is revealed by fire, in Acts 2 the Holy Ghost and fire filled the house that day, the breath of God breathed into that place ad fire fell upon each of them. Oh how we need the breath of God once again to come and breathe and let the fire of revival fall. The fire of God has to come and cleanse our hearts, we have to be purged in order to do what God commands us to do. There is a place in your Christian walk that you can come to where it does not have to always be a struggle, it is when you realize that you are saved and nothing you do can seperate you from the love of God. The inward vision you realize you are no different than anybody else, they know the same God that you do and it is hard to understand that a drug dealer or murderer can be saved just like you but they can.

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