Summary: The prayer of Agur (aw-goor) continues to challenge me to ask myself what two requests must I make of God before I die.

The prayer of Agur (aw-goor) continues to challenge me to ask myself what two requests must I make of God before I die.

This past week about 20 from our Church were in revival with First Baptist Church of Norco. God’s purpose for us was to revive the Pastor and his flock. People were saved, people rededicated their lives to the Lord’s work, some will be baptized soon, an outreach program has begun, a discipleship program outside of Sunday School is starting to bring them to a higher level of the knowledge and purpose of God. Thank you Jesus! Something else happened, we who went have been revived and brought to a better understanding of God’s purpose for us. It is always a blessing when God speaks to us when we are helping others to know Him better. He has used a revival at another church to help us to grow at our Church, thank you again Jesus!

This week I want us to review again what the writer of Hebrews has to say about Pastors and Parishioners. We must realize that many times we have different roles, and at the same time we have the same role. But, there is also an order of authority given by God to His Church. He has placed the Pastor in a position of authority over His Church. Let us now see if Hebrews 13:17 might be one of the things we must request of God to change in us today. Are we obedient to God and His Pastor?

God finds that it is extremely important for you to obey your Spiritual Leaders and do what they say if you believe that God has called them to your Church. You see the purpose of the Pastor is to preach Christ and Him crucified. After this, the Pastor and you must carry this message outside of the Church. Therefore, we must all be in a discipleship program to reach others for Jesus. If we are not, then we are sinning against God. We have all been saved to share the Good News of Jesus, and the Pastor is to lead the Church in the Great Commission, following the two Great Commandments, with the direction and power given to him by the Holy Spirit.

Three reasons are given why the Pastor should be obeyed:

First, his work is to watch over your soul. He is to be concerned about your spiritual growth, your trials and temptations. Therefore, you must listen to him and follow his counsel that comes from God. When you have a problem, the Pastor with the help of the Holy Spirit helps to find solutions that are in the will of God. Within the Church you should always seek your Pastor for spiritual advice, not someone who may agree with you or may not have the right answer.

Secondly, the Pastor knows that he is accountable to God for your spiritual well-being. Many in the Church harden their hearts and cause friction because they do not get their own way. God holds the Pastor accountable for the order of His Church. Why, because, He is a God of Order.

Finally, Many times we Pastors feel like police officers, or firefighters, and even sometimes, a warden. When the people of the Church fail to follow the instructions of the Pastor, he is full of sorrow. This can only have a negative result on the Bride of Christ. We become tools of destruction instead of instruments of love and care and nourishment.

Your disobedience of and rebellion against your Spiritual Leader will certainly not be for your benefit. Woe to anyone that shows disrespect towards the ordained of God. Has God touched a nerve this morning?

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