Summary: There is no need to go to hell

Men go to hell of their own volition. God sends no man to hell.

Text: V 24 - Bretheren this prayer expresses need. This man in the very belly of hell, was on his back looking up. In this position he saw God. Lazarus in BOS. Sooner or later every lost man will repent here or in hell.

Isa. 54:6-7 God has sent forth His warning. When people don’t get here for Sunday School they don’t show up for church. Do they care for lost souls?!

V. 24 Can you hear that wailing, howling cry, out of the midst of the darkness, smoke, stench, heat, great bodily pain.

I. A cry for mercy. - Today hear this prayer.

A. Lost man it would be far better to cry out here than in hell.

B. Great men of the past have called on God. The Psalmist, David: have mercy on us.

C. Blind Bartimus: have mercy on me, Son of David. Blind man realized his need. Do you?

D. When two men went down to pray: The publican pleaded, Oh God be merciful to me a sinner. Lost man you need to pray this prayer now.

II. These men realized their need: Great

A. It made them cry out to God in their distress.

B. No other alternative. No other refuge.

C. These men realized what justice was. God would that we lament here, not in hell.

D. This man in hell wanted mercy. With his tongue swollen out of his mouth.

E. Brother there is nothing spurious about hell. The rich man found it to be real.

III. God would the death of none but that all should come to repentance. Have you repented - been born again? You need to.

Tom Payne said he would give worlds if age of reasoning had never been published. What will your dying statement be?

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