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Summary: Prayer is a part of our worship and communion with God. He is not interested with our half-hazard or muttered words. He needs our sincere fellowship. He is never tired of hearing you.

“He cast himself down upon the earth, and put his face between His knees” (1 Kings 18:42 (quickview) )

Some of the praying postures being practiced and used by people include;

a.SITTING; Someone can sit down, focus his heart on the Lord and still communicate properly to God. This is mainly required during the time of supplication and intercession.

b.KNEELING; This praying posture shows deeper humility,reverence and in awe of God. Many people prefer this posture to others. It is mainly used during the period of confession, intercession and thanksgiving.

c.PROSTRATING; This praying posture shows a greater level of submission and adoration. Many people do not prefer this style in certain cases because they feel it is an easy way to fall asleep while praying. It is mainly practiced by Christians living in the African Continent of the world. It is also used for confession,supplication and intercession.

d.STANDING: Someone can stand up praying and still communicate effectively with Heaven. This praying posture keeps someone in a good consciousness of himself, so that he should not sleep while praying. This method is mainly used during supplication,intercession and spiritual warfare.

e.PUTTING FACE ON THE KNEE; This praying posture is mainly practised by the Orientals, for example Elijah, the prophet of God at Mount Carmel in 1 kings 18:42 (quickview) . It is mainly used during intercession and supplication.

f.LYING DOWN; This praying posture is uncommon. Some people prefer lying at their beds while praying. However, others term it an act of laziness and laxity as the one engaging in it may not concentrate fully. God equally hears prayer offered in this manner. The only disadvantage of this method is that the enemy, the devil may use the opportunity to cause the person to sleep or lose concentration. It is mainly used during intercession and thanksgiving.

Generally, there are no recommended pattern to approach your father in your secret prayer chamber or in the public. This does not mean that you should do things anyhow or embarrass Him with words. You should not jump in and out at will. To many people, their prayers start with praises, adoration and thanksgiving. The Word of God says “let our requests be made known to God through prayer, supplication and thanksgiving”.

Prayer is a part of our worship and communion with God. He is not interested with our half-hazard or muttered words. He needs our sincere fellowship. He is never tired of hearing you. When you don’t feel His presence at first,then go into praises for you are assured of an answer to your prayer as you adore and magnify Him. When you do this, you lift Him so high, thereby creating a conducive atmosphere for your prayer to reach Him. This equally increases your faith to receive from Him.When you praise God, you put the enemy to flight. You will also feel the presence and power of the Lord.

God is spirit!

You should worship Him in truth and spirit. He knows your heart. You should not be in a haste to drop your prayer points when you come into His presence. When you do so, you may lose effectiveness in your communication to Him. Remember, when you pray according to His will and in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ, you should never go empty-handed.

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