Summary: The primary necessity of proclaiming the truth of the Cross and its magnificent doctrines

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[Consumed with the Cross] The Preaching of the Cross [Cry Out: Cross]

(I Corinthians 1, 2)

I. The Priority of Preaching the Cross

A. Not to baptize (1:17a)

B. Not with wisdom of words (1:17b)

C. Not with excellency of speech or of wisdom (2:1)

D. Not to know anything among you save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified (2:2)

E. Not with enticing words of man’s wisdom (2:4a)

F. But in demonstration of the Spirit and power (2:4b)

II. The Power of Preaching the Cross

A. Preaching the Gospel (1:17)

B. Preaching Christ Crucified (1:23, 2:2)

C. Preaching Christ the Power and Wisdom of God (1:24)

III. The Practicality of Preaching the Cross

A. He is made unto us Wisdom (1:30a) [Supernatural Application of God’s Knowledge]

B. He is made unto us Righteousness (1:30b) [Standing before God/Justification]

C. He is made unto us Sanctification (1:30c) [Positional/Personal Holiness] 5 of 10: Holiness**

D. He is made unto us Redemption (1:30d) [Redeemed from the Penalty/Power/Presence of Sin]

IV. The Purpose of Preaching the Cross

A. Demonstrate the Power of God (1:24)

B. Demonstrate the Wisdom of God (1:24)

C. Deliver from the power of darkness (Colossians 1:13)

D. Destroy the works of the devil (Hebrews 2:14) Through death He might destroy him that had the power of death that is the devil

E. Turn sinners from darkness to light (Acts 26:18)

F. Reconcile both Jews and Greeks (Ephesians 2:16)

G. Provide peace through the Blood of His Cross (Colossians 1:20)

H. Nailing to the Cross the handwriting of ordinances that were against us (Colossians 2:14)

I. Provide an Altar for the saved (Hebrews 13:10) We have an altar…

J. Provide the Believer with Picture of the Love of God bringing repentance/revival (Hebrews 12:2ff)

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