Summary: 1 of 3. Paul exhorted Timothy regarding the place of prayer in the Church. Prayer must take precedence in the Church. When is it obvious that it holds priority? Prayer takes precedence when...

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The PRECEDENCE Of PRAYER—1Timothy 2:1-7


Janet’s four-year-old likes to say the blessing at mealtimes, usually repeating the same short prayer: "Thank you, God, for this gracious food. Amen."

One evening, however, he thanked the Lord for the birds, the trees, each of his friends, & asked God to watch over his family & help them to be good. Janet was thrilled that he was finally praying from the heart.

But after the "Amen," he took a spoonful of stew, gasped, then dropped his spoon into the bowl. "I should have said a longer prayer," he said. "My food is still too hot."

Sometimes Prayer does not hold the Precedence that it should!


Paul exhorted Timothy regarding the place of prayer in the Church.

Prayer must take precedence in the Church.

When does prayer hold authority in the church?

7 priorities for prayer in the Church.

1—Prayer takes precedence when...


Explanation:(:1) Multifaceted/Diversified/Manifestation

:1—“Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, & giving of thanks be made for all men,”

Paul has previously charged Timothy to maintain the true doctrine of the Gospel of Christ(1:3). There are some ‘teachers’ present at Ephesus who are dishonoring the truth by teaching ‘another’ false gospel(1:3). Timothy is charged to personally confront these false teachers(1:3).

Preferably Timothy has learned from the very real danger of the failings of others—notably Hymenaus & Alexander(1:19-20).

It may seem strange & interesting that Paul “exhorts” Timothy, first & foremost, to prayer regarding this charge. Prayer is to be Timothy’s priority(“first of all”) in approaching his situation. We tend to employ our flesh immediately in a trying situations...A first-response for the finite. But for those living infinitely by Christ, we must commune with our God.

However “Prayer” is the means by which the “good warfare”(1:18) is effectively waged. Communication with God is our primary weapon of offense & defense in any situation even in overwhelming & daunting ones. Prayer is where the believer finds knowledge, comfort, solace, strength, power, intelligence, & generally the wherewithal to engage any task assigned by the Lord.

Prayer is a single entity that has many facets...

“Supplications”—The believing supplicator knows what is needed & lacking & seeks God to supply it for His sake.

“Prayers”—Uniquely carries a sense of reverence & worship directed only toward God by the believer.

“Intercessions”—Imparts the sense of closeness & communion of the believer with God. Reveals the confidence with which God is approached by the believer.

“Giving of Thanks”—Discloses the attitude with which God is approached.

“Exhort”—parakalew—To call to one’s side, call for, summon; 2) To address, speak to, (call to, call upon), which may be done in the way of exhortation, entreaty, comfort, instruction, etc.

“First of all”—prwton—First in time or place; First in rank; First, at the first.

*“Supplications/Entreaties/Requests”—dehsiv—Need, indigence, want, privation, penury; 2) Seeking, asking, entreating, entreaty to God or to man. Gives prominence to the expression of personal need. Refers chiefly to prayer for particular benefits. May also be used of a request addressed to man.

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