Summary: Just come back to Him...


This story is based on Luke 15:11 - 32.

In a far away land, where no man had ever gone before, came Mr. Christopher Columbus and discovered it after the Indians did. Many, many years later, came to live a man named Mr. Sir, and started killing chickens, fried them, and started to sell them. Well, this chicken thing became such a great hit that he became rich and got married. He had two sons and a

beautiful daughter. His sons’ names were Jesse and Robert, and his daughter’s name was Miranda Veracruz de La Joya Cardinal, Jr. the III. Well, as time went by, his children turned into teenagers and as most rich teenagers do, they began wanting things that most people couldn’t afford, and always got what they wanted because they were selfish little punks. One time, the middle son, Jesse, got tired of his older brother, Robert, being a nag, his sister being a “fresa”, and of eating chicken for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. This guy decided he was too good for his family and rebelled. He asked his father for his part of the inheritance and decided to take off

to Houston, Texas to live and try not to remember his family again. Well, lovingly, yet hurting, his father handed him a check and Jesse took off to Houston and left his family behind, supposedly, never to be seen again. Well, after no time, he was living a good life in Houston, according to him. He

was living in every type of sinful thing you could imagine. Sure, he had the money, the girls, the friends, and everything he could want, but surely, the time came when he started getting low on cash and eventually lost everything. Now, the Bible speaks about there being friends that just pretend to be

friends in Proverbs 18:24, and that scripture became true in Jesse’s life. See, the friends and girlfriends he had were just there because he had all this money, but like a river, it has fish and living things in there while the river water is flowing, but

once the river stops receiving fresh water, and once it stops flowing, the old water stays there and there is nothing new coming in. The fish die or swim away and the river starts to stink. That’s how Jesse ended up being. Once he was moneyless, friends turned away. Girls were being disgusted instead of interested. He had gone from rich, to poor, to

poorer. Then, from poorer to poorest. (Poorest is superlative. I just thought I’d throw that in there just in case there are people checking the grammar on this.) I mean, it got to the point where the beggars would give him their spare change. He was homeless, he grew tired, sleepy, and while walking through an alley, behind a building, the guy fell asleep behind

what seemed like a restaurant. Since Jesse was asleep behind this place, he didn’t see the name of it, but there was a big little sign on the front of the restaurant that said Jesse’s Dad’s Chicken Restaurant. Now, at Church’s Chicken they would

always enforce for the customers to throw away their own trash, but since they were the competitors, they didn’t want their customers to do what the workers could do, so, they would leave the trash on the tables and the workers would clear them up for them. Well, one of the young ladies that was working there was picking up the leftovers on the tables and dumped them in the trash because she was about to throw the

trash out, but she overlooked a table and didn’t come to realize it until she went back inside. This girl, of which we are not going to mention her name is from Edinburg, Texas 78539, didn’t want to have to walk all the 10 feet to reach the outside again, but seeing that she had not much to do about it, she picked up the leftover bones of the

chicken and started complaining as she was walking out. Well, since she wasn’t very happy, she made a lot of noise as she approached the trash cans and while taking the lid off the can, she woke up Jesse. He got a glimpse and quickly jumped up shouting, “Ahhh! Chicken!” from Edinburg, Texas 78539 shouted, “Ahhh!” and threw the leftovers to him. The guy was so hungry that he was eating as much as he could and even swallowed some bone pieces, and, to top it off, he even swallowed part of the napkins. Okay, no, he was just very hungry. This guy was there, with his clothes all dirty and smelly ‘cause he had just had an accident and I’m not talking about smashing his toe. He was there, eating the food so vigorously, chewing like a dog. Then, he stopped and started to think to himself, “I don’t have to be doing this. My father owns a chain of chicken restaurants and here I am,

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