Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: God always calls people back to Him.


Luke 15:11-24


A. This morning, let’s study the biblical illustration of repentance and find out what are involved in a true repentance. Take note: this story basically presents a very fundamental truth –“Apart from God, we can do nothing.”

B. The story is found in Luke 15:11-24.

C. Background:

- This young man in the story asked his father to divide the inheritance and to give him his share, so that he would leave to a far country to live by himself. But after he had all squandered his wealth, he began to suffer the consequences of his folly.

- Now, there was famine in the land, and it made his situation more difficult. Something’s now beyond his control; something, which is beyond his capacity to handle.

- His circumstances, though bad as we see them, were for good. God used his circumstances to illumine his mind, leading him to consider his ways and return home in repentance.

T.S. There are five R’s that a repentant sinner will do and experience:

I. REFLECTION –now experiencing difficulties, the prodigal son began to think and reflect over his past. Three conclusions gripped his mind and heart:

a. To remain where he was meant death –a slow, torturous death, but certain and inevitable

b. Even a hired servant’s place in his father’s house is better than death by starvation in a strange land.

c. He had sinned by leaving home, and he ought to go back and admit it.

II. RESOLUTION –he resolved, therefore, to arise and get away from old life of sin and separation, and go back to the father and make a clean confession.

III. RETURN –best of all, he not all resolved, but actually did 3 things about it:

a. He got up and away from the life of sin and separation;

b. He turned his face to the father’s house and never stopped until he reached home;

c. He made his honest confession, face to face with his father.

IV. RESTORATION –then, in quick succession, 4 wonderful things happened to him:

a. He was forgiven all his sins;

b. Made not a hireling, but a son;

c. Clothed with the best robe;

d. Proclaimed lost, but now found

V. REJOICING –great rejoicing will be experienced when one person turns to God in repentance.

a. The repentant himself. What a joy to have our sins forgiven and forgotten.

b. Everyone in heaven.

c. Above all, God, who continued to call sinners to return back to Him.


What circumstances are you experiencing now? It would be that God calls you back to trust Him; to lean upon him. Away from where you are now –from a life of separation, self-trust and self-centeredness. He has open arms to embrace with His infinite love.

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