Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Learn how to prosper God’s way.

3 John 1:2 - "Beloved, I pray that in all things thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth”.

I. Parable of the Talents

a. 5, 2, 1 talents

b. The importance of goals and measurement

c. Importance of using time wisely

d. Importance of understanding what you have been given

e. Importance of defining prosperity – progress in all that we do.

II. Principles of sowing and reaping

1. First thing is forget about last year’s crop and focus on this year’s. Our eyes have remained on the goal ahead. We are entering new territory.

2. The SOIL that you plant in determines a good harvest or a bad harvest (Luke 8:4). People in the church are hungry for the Word of God and the works of His Kingdom.

3. A seed has to be planted to have a harvest. Sacrifice and obedience has become a sign of true sowing.

4. There is a season for sowing and a season for reaping. We have seen the work and God’s faithful blessings on our ministry and the families in the ministry.

5. Whatever you sow is what you will reap. Financial, relationships, time, employment, and ministry progress.

6. Your harvest will be much greater than what you sow. Seeds grow into great spiritual and physical manifestations. Everything we are doing as a church is having showing great increase.

7. You will only receive a full harvest if you persevere. You must be disciplined in your sowing and reaping and patient to wait for the right seasons. No is the time to sow more than ever because we are nearing our time of reaping. We must see that.

III. Principles of prosperity

1. Hard work, determination and commitment to God produce prosperity.

2. You must make a choice to prosper and in what way

3. True prosperity is good stewardship

4. Love the Lord above anything else.

5. Keep God’s word close to your heart at all times.

6. Commit yourself to the Lord completely

7. You must establish God’s Kingdom in your life for prosperity to take place. You must always represent his Kingdom to open the doors of prosperity.

IV. Success Model

a. Pray – Find God’s plan for you

b. Plan – Arrange the details of your course of action

c. Prepare – Set the stage for success

d. Plant – Sow into your success out of what you have

e. Persevere – Endure the struggles of sowing, serving, and sacrificing

f. Pickup Up – Reap the harvest provided by God

g. Praise – Give God the Glory

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