Summary: exposition on Matt ch 13


Matthew 13 v. 1 - 43

1. The place v. 1 by the sea-side i.e. perhaps because of rejection

2. The plan v. 3 parables - to teach truth and make it interesting, to apply truth and make it practical, to conceal truth (from rebels and scoffers) and make it hard to contradict , to fulfill the scriptures v. 14 Isaiah’s prophesy

3. The parables ie. the sower, the tares, the mustard seed, the leaven, the hidden treasure, the pearl, the drag net, and the householder

4. The progression,

1. The sower was expounded ( publicly v. 3 - 9 ),and explained ( privately v. 18 - 23

(a) The Sower - was the Lord Himself (rejected by Pharisees)

(b) The Seed - was "the word of the kingdom" v. 19

(c) The Soils- were the v. 19 wayside of closed minds, v. 20 the stoney places of shallow minds, v, 21 no root, v. 22 the thorns of pre-occupied minds i.e.pre-occupied by work, worry & wealth, these choke the word, v. 23 and the good ground of prepared minds, those who hear, understand, obey, & bear fruit

(d) The Snares v. 19 beware of satan v. 21 beware of suffering - it comes suddenly, surely, subletly, searchingly, v. 22 beware of success, v. 23 beware of self - some 30, 60, some 100 fold,

2. The tares were exposed v. 24 - 30 expounded (publicly), and explained (privately)

v. 36 - 43

(a) The sower was v. 37 The Son of man

(b)The field was the world, and not the church v. 38

(c) The good seed were the children of the King v. 38

(d)The tares were the children of the devil

(e) The enemy was the devil v. 39

(f)The harvest was the end of the world

(g) and The reapers were the angels

Two classes described :-

The wheat who are the children of the kingdom, v. 38

who are in the world.v. 38

who are there for growth, godliness, & glorification v. 26 & 43

and the Tares :-

who are the children of the wicked One,v. 38 who are there in the world, for their sowing in devilish work v. 39, devious work v. 25, deceptive work v. 26, but defeated work v. 30 -They will be revealed and rewarded for, what they are deniers of the Lord, what they’ve done disregarded their Lord, and for what they’ll become deposed by their Lord v. 30 & 42, this is typical of the church’s ministry in the world - working with these two classes

3. The mustard seed was explained v. 31 & 32 how could the kingdom survive?Note :-

(a) its beginning v. 32 "It’s the smallest of all seeds"

(b) its blossoming v. 32 - " It’s the greatest of all herbs."

(c) its blessing v. 32 " the birds of the air come and lodge in it’s branches." the parable of the kingdom’s influence - it’s growth would be slow, sure, and significant "I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it."

4. and The leaven was expended v. 33 The influence of the kingdom would be :-

(a) powerful - small amount leavens the lot

(b) positive v. 33 the kingdom is like leaven -it’s not corrupting just spreading, - Jews only eat unleavened bread during feast of unleavened bread to typify the suddeness of the Lord’s deliverance

(c) private - hidden in meal i.e. the work of the kingdom has a sanctifying influence on the world today "he who now lets, will let until he be taken out of the way, then shall the wicked one come"

(d) pervasive v. 33 till the whole was leavened - the work of the kingdom is a world wide work."go ye therefore and preach the gospel to every creature."

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