Text:Matthew 24:35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

As Jesus and His disciples came out of the temple, they asked him three question back in verse 3. When shall the temple be destroyed? What shall be the signs of His coming? and the end of the world?

In the rest of the chapter, Jesus answers these questions, and then in verse 35, He says these words will not pass away, the things I said will happen, will come to pass.

You and I live in a world where things are passing away such as our land, our water, our moral values, our beloved country, even our very bodies. But here is a promise of endurance, the Word of God.

The Bible is so important to the Christian for it is his food(Deut.8:3), his guide(Psa.119:105), his purity(John 15:3), his protection(Psa.119:11), his love(Psa.119:140), and his hope.

We got some funny so-called Christians these days. Some people who call themselves saved, yet they have no regard for God’s Word. It is said that a man in New York robbed a bank and said, God told him to do it? A woman also said, Jesus told her to be stripper? and another said Jesus told him to divorce his wife? These actions do not measure up to God’s Word.

A Christian’s life is not based on his or her feeling or Joe Blow’s thoughts but on the Word of God, God’ s wonderful book.


Proverbs 30:5 Every word of God [is] pure: he [is] a shield unto them that put their trust in him. {pure: Heb. purified}

1-This means it is truth not mixed with error. A soldier would not want to go to war with a defective weapon, and the same is with a Christian soldier, he doesn’t want a defective Bible.

2-A Christian can trust the Bible for we have a Bible worth believing. It contains 66 books, 1,189 chapters, 31,175 verses all which are the inspired Word of God without any error. It is all truth.

3-Some say the Bible contains the Word of God, that it is inspired in some spots? Well the trouble is who is going to tell us which spots are inspired? If one part of the Bible is not true, how can we trust the rest to be truth?

4-It is like the man who had a watermelon patch. He tried everything to catch the person who was stealing his watermelons but to no avail. He put up a sign in the middle of the patch which said, “one of these melons is poison”. But the thief came and put up a sign also which said, “now two of the melons are poison”. The poor farmer had to throw away the whole patch.

5-So it is with God’ Word, if two of its chapters are not right, then all of it is dangerous, but the truth is that , all of God’ Word is ok, in fact it is not dangerous, but is a delight to read and trust it words. Jesus said, “Thy Word is truth”

6-Some critics have said that at the north end of the Red Sea there is an area called Bitter Lakes. Between the Bitt11.htmlometer missing , but his house also. The barometer needle had been right, there was a hurricane! Yet how many Christians there are who seem to regard the clear fingers of prophecy in the Word of God with like

indifference and disdain. 2


Jeremiah 23:29 [Is] not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer [that] breaketh the rock in pieces?

1-The Bible is a powerful book. It is the power of God unto salvation according to Paul in the book of Romans.

2-This Book is abandoned in the home, thrown out of our schools, and by our judges, and denied in many pulpits, yet it the only Book that is alive and able to give life to the sinner.

3-When people read the Bible and believe its savior , and do what it says, they will find a supernatural power to put away bad habits, love their neighbor, change their personality, and find peace of mind.

4-Accordiang to Peter, the Bible is like a seed. A seed look like nothing for it look dead and little, yet when planted in the ground, it produces life. So it is with the Bible when planted in a human heart.

5- When Jacob de Shazer went as one of Jimmy Doolittle's raiders on Japan the day of April 18, 1942, he was an atheist. He was captured and imprisoned by the Japanese. He saw two of his companions shot by a firing squad. He saw another die of slow starvation. During the long months he pondered the question of why the Japanese hated him and why he hated them. He began to recall some of the thing he had heard about Christianity. Boldly he asked his jailers if they could get him a Bible. At first the laughed boisterously, as at a good joke, and grew ugly and warned him to stop making a nuisance of himself. But he kept asking. A year and a half later - May 1944 a guard brought him a Bible, flung it at him, and said, "Three weeks you have. Three week, then I take away." True to his word, in three weeks the guard took the Bible away, and de Shazer never saw it again. In 1948 de Shazer, his wife, and infant son were on their way back to Japan as missionaries, all because he asked for a Bible and a Japanese guard gave him one for three weeks. 3

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