Summary: The book of Acts is either ignored or abused by the church

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Acts 1:8-26

“The _promise of the Holy Spirit”

Vs. 8 The word _power__ is “dunamis” (Greek). The word “dunamis” implies two meanings.

(1. We get the word dynamite

(2. We get the word dynamo which refers to a generator.

“is come _upon___ you” indicates that this has __happened

before but not in this _measure.

This is direct fulfillment of Joel 2:28 & 29.

“And it shall come to pass_afterward__ that I will pour_

________ my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters

shall prophecy_____, your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see _visions____; And also upon the __servants__ and the _handmaids_ in those days I will pour out My Spirit.”

The Old Testament saints could only look _forward_ to a day when all of God’s people would _receive_empowerment to do God’s work.

We are to be witnesses in...

* Jerusalem - _city

* Judea - _state__

* Samaria - __nation

*uttermost - all the _world_____________

Vs. 9 - “_taken up ” This are the same words found in vs. 2. They refer to the Ascension.

Vs. 10 - Here is proof that _Angels__ can appear and disappear.

See Hebrews 13:1.

Vs. 11 - The promise of Jesus to come again in like _manner__.

Vs. 12 - The Apostles are _obeying__ Christ’s command.

Vs. 13 - The Apostles had a _membership_ roll.

“They went up into an upper room”.

This was one of their meeting _places and the _home

of one of them.

Vs. 14 - They all continued in _prayer__and supplication.

What is meant by supplication?___wait and perservere__ This is the first time men and women _pray together in the


Vs. 15 - Peter assumes the position of _leadership.

One hundred and twenty men were present plus women.

Vs. 16-20 -Peter explains the _absence_of Judas. David_spoke concerning Judas in Psalms 69:25-28; Psa. 109:8-15

Vs. 17: Judas was _chosen by Jesus. He _ministered with

the Apostles, and may even have performed miracles or saw

miracles performed.

Is it possible to backslide?

Vs. 21-22 - Qualifications for Apostleship:

* He had to have been with _chosen__ during His 3 1/2

years of ministry on earth.

* He had to have been __present when Jesus ascended

into heaven.

Vs. 23 - After much prayer and consulting with each other they

__chose_two, Joseph and Matthias.

Vs. 24 - They earnestly sought the _will_of the _Lord__ in


Vs. 25 & 26 - They cast lots or voted and Matthias won the election_________.

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