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Summary: After all he had accomplished, this prophet felt profitless. He simply wanted for God to take his life. This message deals with his recovery !

The Prophet Who Felt Profitless

1 KINGS 19:1-19

Elijah was one of the greatest prophets of all time. God wrought many mighty miracles through him....yet tonight we look at one of the valleys in his life...in fact perhaps one of the darkest moments of his life.

Amazingly, this dark period takes place immediately after one of the brightest times in his life...this valley experience occurs after a mountain

top experience.

1. Elijah Running 1-3

Elijah is running for his life after winning the battle of his life. Triumph can quickly turn to trials....It’s a small step from a mountain to a valley....from victory to defeat....from faith to fear. Remember Peter’s experience.....never forsake you Lord....drew his sword to protect his Master.....yet after the arrest of Jesus...he follows the Lord from a distance, and denies him three times.

2. Elijah Requesting V4

Requested for himself that he might die. It is enough; now, O Lord take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers. What’s Elijah doing here ? How did he get to this point ?

a. He was depleted by his victory. Physically, emotionally, mentally exhausted.....Elijah is running on empty.

b. He was disconcerted by fear. V 2 This great prophet of God who battled the prophets of baal on Carmel...now runs from Jezebel.

c. He was disabled by isolation.

V 3b left his servant there.

What Elijah needed most right now was friends, and fellowship ! What he choose was loneliness !

d. He was disillusioned by expectations. I am not better than my fathers.

3. Elijah Receiving. 5-7

a. Touched by an angel

b Treated by an angel

c. Transformed by an angel

What did he receive ? 1. contact 2. cake 3. commission

4. Elijah Reviving 8-14

a. the decision.....he arose, and did eat.

b. the duration....went in the strength of the food for 40 days,and nights.

c. the destination. Mt Horeb....Mount of God.

5. Elijah Remembering

a. Reminded of God’s presence

b. Reminded of God’s power

c. Reminded of God’s plans

d. Reminded of God’s people.

Elijah is not alone. He has a All Powerful God guiding him, and instructing him....plus God reminds him that He is not alone in his work and service.

Are you on the verge of giving up or giving out ?

Don’t give in to such attitudes ! You are not profitless, but of great value. God can lift you out of your state of disillusionment, and get you started on the journey again ! Trust in him right now. Receive the nourishment he has for you !

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Colin Coombs

commented on Jan 19, 2007

Having been asked to speak on this subject at very short notice, I appreciate your very helpful and positive handling of this subject. I like your style!

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