Summary: This is the only Psalm in the 150 Psalms that is in its entirety a "Psalm of Praise". There is not one single note of sadness in the entire Psalm. This Psalm is ablaze with gratitude and thanksgiving. It is an appeal for everyone to gratefully worship t


Introduction: This is the only Psalm in the 150 Psalms that is in its entirety a "Psalm of Praise". There is not one single note of sadness in the entire Psalm. This Psalm is ablaze with gratitude and thanksgiving. It is an appeal for everyone to gratefully worship the Lord.

2. Five verses give 5 reasons for Gratitude and Thanksgiving

a. Vs. 1-Exhortation--"Make a joyful noise"--command

b. Vs. 2-Exhultation--"Serve the Lord with gladness"

c. Vs. 3-Explanation--"Know ye that the Lord he is God"

d. Vs. 4-Expression--"Enter into His gates with thanksgiving"

e. Vs. 5-Extension--"Mercy-everlasting, truth-endureth"

3. Two Dominating Notes are Gladness and Universality

a. Six times--Note of gladness is sounded

b. Ends and begins with "All"--"All the earth" & "All generations"

4. Five Verses--Psalm of Gratitude for His Grace!

a. Grace to Praise God--vs. 1

b. Grace to Serve God--vs. 2

c. Grace to Know God--vs. 3

d. Grace to Thank God--vs. 4

e. Grace to See God--vs. 5


A. The Noise of Praise--"Joyful noise"

1. This speaks of a glad shout as when a king appears among his subjects

2. Something in our hearts rejoice--"When the king is in the camp"

B. The Number of Praise--"All ye lands"--Great shout--realize the great pardon we’ve received--all may come--

whosoever will.

1. The Poor man’s Pardon--It’s free

2. Present Pardon--Have it now

3. Profound Pardon--Reaches the deepest

4. Plentiful Pardon--Takes care of it all

5. Permanent Pardon--Can’t be taken back

C. The Necessity of Praise--"Make"--That’s a command, not a feeling

1. Praise him for being faithful.

2. Praise him for being forgiving.

3. Praise him because he never changes.

4. We should praise him for not only what he does but for who he is!!!


A. The Privilege of Service--"Serve the Lord with gladness"

1. It’s not second-rate to serve God

2. But the highest honor in the world for the King of Kings to ask you to preach for Him, teach for Him,. sing for Him, serve for Him.

a. Ought to be glad--He bought us out of the slave market

b. Ought to be glad--He washed us--bandaged up our wound

c. Ought to be glad--He robed us in His righteousness

d. Ought to be glad--He commissioned us--His word

B. The Privilege of Singing--"Come before his presence with singing"

1. Psalm 40:3--"He hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God"

2. I want to thank him for the privilege of having a song in my heart--"I’m not ashamed to testify"--"I’m saved"-

"I’m heaven bound"

3. Ephesians 5:9--"singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord"


A. Rest in His Sovereignty--"Know ye that the Lord He is God"

1. Illustrate--Little Boy that was bashful was supposed to quote the twenty third Psalm in Church. When he

got up he said “The Lord is _____” “ The Lord is my_______” “The Lord is my Shepherd__________

“The Lord is my Shepherd and that’s enough"

2. May be illiterate, poverty-stricken, babe-in-Christ--but If I just know "He’s God"--somehow I know

everything’s all right with family, finances, physical

B. Rest in His Sheep--"We are his people"--Salvation is always in the present tense in the Bible.

1. I’m not a goat--that’s shedding his horns, trimming his whiskers--trying to be a sheep.

2. June 2, 1980--God put me in the sheepfold--I was born a sheep, eat like a sheep, look like a sheep, I AM a


C. Rest in His Sheepfold--"The Sheep of His pasture"

1. My need will be taken care of--regardless if they are spiritual, physical, or financial

a. Summer--Hills

b. Winter--valleys

c. Night--sheepfold

2. Shepherd lies in door

a. We are Safe

b. We are Sustained

c. We are Surrounded


A. Place of Access--"Enter in his gates with thanksgiving"

1. Doors of earthly Kings and Rulers are carefully guarded but the gates to the throne of God are open wide

2. "Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out" Just as the door of the Ark was high enough and wide

enough for the biggest animal

3. I’m glad any old sinner can get to God

B. Place of Advocacy--"Into His courts with praise"

C. Hebrews 4:16--"Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy, and find

grace to help in time of need."


A. His Promises are Good-"For the Lord is good"

1. A man is as good as his Word--He’s holy

B. His Promises are Gracious--"His mercy is everlasting"

1. To those who don’t deserve it

C. His Promises are Great--"His truth endureth to all generations"

1. Greater than Problems

2. Greater than Failures

3. Greater than Foes

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