Summary: A look at what the cross of Christ means for us today. Preached during a community Good Friday service.

Hebrews 9:11-14

1. Jesus obtained eternal redemption for you and me.

a. By dying on the cross and being raised from the dead, Christ paid the debt for our sins.

b. Many have forgotten this foundation point today and live as though something they have done has earned them eternal life or security.

c. We are saved by grace (getting what we do not deserve – Christ’s atoning death) through faith (believing in our hearts that Christ has done this for us) and it is the gift of God. It is not by our own good works . . . for we are Christ’s workmanship (THE BELIEVER IS SUPPOSED TO BE AN EXAMPLE OF THE POWER AND WORK OF CHRIST – How many of us are that today?)

2. The blood of Jesus was not for outward cleansing, but cleansing of the heart – the real person.

a. The blood provides forgiveness to all who repent and believe. Not just those who are sorry for what they have done wrong, but those who make a genuine turning from the sin and evil of this world.

b. The blood of Jesus brings freedom from Satan and the wickedness of this world. God never intended for a believer to “just get by”. His plan is for you and I to live victoriously through the power of His blood.

c. The blood of Jesus is to be constantly applied to our hearts for cleansing, purity and victory in life. It takes as much of God’s power, grace and the application of His blood to keep us as it did to save us. Unfortunately, many live as though the event of salvation or being born again was the only time they needed the work of Christ in their lives.

3. The purpose of Calvary was so that we may serve the living God.

a. The blood of Jesus allows the believer to serve God with joyfulness and genuineness of heart. We don’t have to question if we can, if the blood has been applied.

b. His blood makes it possible and available to all believers to come boldly before God to find grace, mercy, help and salvation from Him. Jesus has made Himself our eternal mediator by His work on the cross.

c. His blood is a guarantee of all the promises of the New Covenant for the believer.

d. The blood of Jesus was shed so that each of us could have a personal and ongoing relationship with God Himself. It wasn’t so that we could have the outward, physical appearance of religion. It was to provide for a personal relationship with God Himself.

e. The moment we become religious is the moment we deny the purpose and power of the Cross.

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