Summary: The church must become ALIVE

The Purpose of the Church (Part 2)

Matthew 28:16-20

The Church must be ALIVE

A – Active

1. The progression of Christ’s Kingdom

a.) We are called to share the gospel

b.) Ministry starts with caring about people

c.) Quote: People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care

2. The absolute hope

a.) Our hope lies in the future

b.) Eternity is waiting and is our greatest hope

c.) This hope shines in us and through us

L – Life Giving

1. The gift of eternal life

a.) We have been given the ultimate gift

1.) This is a gift beyond our wildest imagination

2.) This is a gift we do not deserve

b.) We are called to pass it on

1.) We have the solution to the greatest problem facing humanity

2.) We need to share this good news

2. The gift of abundant life

a.) Life is meant to be filled with joy

1.) Christ is our source of joy

2.) Sharing this joy with others is the key to increasing our joy

b.) Life is meant to be lived to the full

1.) We have a limited amount of time

2.) Living a Great Commission lifestyle will help us to live fuller lives

I – Inspirational

1. The inspiration of Christ

a.) Christ inspires by leading us in life

b.) Christ inspires by giving us hope

2. Inspiration as a motivating factor

a.) We are motivated by our relationship with Christ

b.) We are motivated by divine love

c.) We are motivated by eternal realities

V – Visionary

1. Jesus set a world changing agenda

a.) Jesus saw the future clearly

b.) Jesus knew where the disciples could go

c.) Jesus believed in what they could become

2. The need for a life changing vision

a.) Quote: Where there is no vision the people perish

b.) We need to see the potential in people

c.) We need to see where the future lies

d.) If we can dream it God can help us do it

E – Exciting

1. Where God is moving excitement increases

a.) Excitement is more than mere emotion – it is a state of mind

b.) Watching God transform lives renews personal energy

c.) When God moves people are drawn to Him

2. When we serve in ministry excitement increases

a.) There is nothing more exciting than seeing God transform lives

b.) God working in us and through us creates excitement

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