Summary: Ministry – preaching & teaching – of the word of God is one of the integral parts of Christian services. But what do we achieve with this? What is the purpose behind the preaching or sharing of the word of God?

Ministry – preaching & teaching – of the word of God is one of the integral parts of Christian services. But what do we achieve with this? What is the purpose behind the preaching or sharing of the word of God?

Is it just to fill the gap? Or give some one an opportunity? In certain cases it seems many consider it as a time of entertainment.

The result is, we fail to achieve what God has intended with the word of God If that is the case we need to understand that we are wasting our time. We must sit before the word of God with an aim, and make sure we have benefited from it.

Notice few verses:

Luke 8: 18a:- “Take care then how you hear, for to the one who has, more will be given, and from the one who has not, even what he thinks that he has will be taken away.” Ob. The Lord is very much concerned how we hear God’s word and understand – those could get hold of it, more understanding is given.

Luke 10:26:- “He said to him, “What is written in the Law? How do you read it?”

Luke 24:25:- “And He said to them, “O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophet have spoken!”

These verses and many other reveal that a casual reading of scripture is not that God intended and we ought to be serious students of God’s word. We need to understand it, enjoy and experience all that the word can do for us.

So, we will begin with a review of the purpose of our word ministry. It’s not at all new, we all know very well, but just to remind ourselves that these are some of the important outcome from the ministry of God’s word. Only few verses that refers to the usefulness of God’s word. That will help us to even examine how we have benefited and make necessary corrections in spiritual life.

Psa 19: 7 – 11:- Notice 5 things the word can do for us.

`1. Converts v. 7a. Reforms – brings changes.

Ob. God wants us to change, progressively, keep on changing, becoming better every day. He does it by the help of the word of God. How? Cf. Jer 23:29:- breaks, burns & purifies. Cf. Psa 119:9; Jn 15:3; 17:17; Eph 5:26. As a result of our exposure to God’s word, our thought and deeds have to be changed – renewed, if not word did not work in us – time and energy wasted! Cf. 2Cori 3:18.

2. Makes one wise. V.7b. – more understanding.

God wants His people to be wise, getting wiser day after day. He has not given us the scripture to just to keep it as an object of worship. Some do. Cf. Jer 5:22:- “My people are foolish, they have not known Me, They are silly children. And they have no understanding...” See how God laments seeing the state of His people. As result of reading, listening we should have more understanding.

In two aspects:

Of ourselves. James 1:22 – 25 – as a mirror, scripture reveals our true condition. Cf. Heb 4:12 – two edged sword, brings out the hidden things as in an MRI. – brings conviction. Act 2:38

Of God and His ways. Result: we will be able to do, obey. Jn 13:17; Due 29:29.

3. Make us joyful. V.8a. “rejoicing the heart”

cf. Jer 15:16:- “Your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart...” Obeying God’s word, living a pure life, understanding divine ways and programs gives joy to the heart of a believer. This joy is unspeakable spiritual joy that nothing else can give or take away. Along with joy we also become more confident, faith is increased. Cf. Act 8: 39c; 16:34 etc – the eunuch, jailor etc received the word – result is joy. Cf. Jn 17: 13, 14a. – One of the purposes of His prayers – we rejoice. Sad, we read, hear and study yet how much joy? – If still sad, the purpose of God’s word not accomplished.

4. Enlightens us. v.8b. ‘enlightening the eyes’

Similar to understanding but little more meaningful. Here it speaks of getting light to our daily path, not in dark, confusion. Cf. Psa 119:9:- “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” – Some no idea what to do, no guidance, utterly confused, as if blind and deaf. Then word of God not effective in their life.

5. Warns us. v. 11a.

“by them your servant is warned.”- sign post, ‘danger’. Cf. Psa 119: 11 – word in heart warns at sin. Duet 17:19:- warns to fear God – instill fear of God. Cf. Psa 119:38. 1Cori 10:11:- Experience of others a warning to us. If we don’t take these warnings from scripture – affects fear of God, not learning any lesson. Word helps us to escape danger – fall. Cf. 1Cori 1: 18 – power to save.

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