Summary: Three realities of a daily devotional life.

The Pursuit Of Happiness - Psalm 1:1-3


Little Robert wanted a watch so badly that he wearied his whole family with his begging. His father promised him a watch when he was older, then forbade him to mention the topic again. Next Sunday during devotions at the breakfast table the children, as was their custom, repeated Bible verses. Little Robert astonished them all by quoting, "What I say unto you, I say unto you all, Watch." Here is a picture of a young boy that really believed in the power of daily devotions. A devotional life is the lifeline of a Christian’s spirituality. I believe every Christian ought to have a consistent time alone with God every single day. In this sermon I want to present to you the benefits from having a devotional life and some ways in which one can have a devotional life. Notice first of all, in order to have an effective devotional life, one must realize:

I. The Risk In Rejecting The Bible (1)

A. You’ll Become Influenced By The World (1a)

First they walk and then they stand.

B. You’ll Become Involved With The World (1b)

Then they sit and join in with them.

II. The Requirement In Reflecting Upon The Bible (2)

A. Studying Involves Rejoicing (2a)

They delight in the Bible.

B. Studying Involves Reading (2b)

Their delight is IN the Word.

C. Studying Involves Reciting (2c)

They meditate on the Word.

D. Studying Involves Regularity (2d)

They study the Word day and night.

III. The Result In Respecting The Bible (3)

A. There Will Be Progress (3a)

They will yield spiritual fruit.

B. There Will Be Proclamation (3b)

There leaf (testimony) will not wither.

C. There Will Be Prosperity (3c)

They will prosper spiritually in everything.


In closing I want to challenge each one of you to set aside a time every single day where you get alone with God and His Word and experience the blessings of having a daily walk with Him.

Rev. Michael S. Bowen

Pine Level Baptist Church

Early Branch SC, 29916

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