Summary: 1 of 3. Genesis concisely details a separation of nations following the Flood. What defines the quagmire of mankind’s separation? The quagmire in mankind’s separation is in his...

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The QUAGMIRE Of MANKIND’s SEPARATION-I—Genesis 10:1-32 & 11:1-9


Oystering in Savannah/Coastal salt-marsh mud will literally suck your boots off!

Such a Quagmire is a difficult place from which to be extricated.

Mankind became separated into various nations following the Flood.

Genesis details the origins of the nations following the Flood.

Genesis concisely details the separation of the nations following the Flood.

Genesis concisely details a separation of nations following the Flood.

*The separation of mankind is concisely documented/recorded.

*What defines the quagmire of mankind’s separation?

9 concerns regarding mankind’s separation.

1—The quagmire in mankind’s separation is in his...

CLIQUISH DIVERSITY(10:2; 10:6ff; 10:21ff)

Explanation: (10:2; 10:6ff; 10:21ff) Cliquishness/Family

10:1—“Now this is the genealogy of the sons of Noah: Shem, Ham, & Japheth. And sons were born to them after the flood.

Moses reveals an extensive knowledge of people groups. How could he know this? Perhaps there were extant written records of these groups. But more probably, Moses was himself largely unaware until having had them disclosed to him by Divine revelation from YaHWeH.

These were 3 brothers who were producing the progeny, described separately here,(10:2-31) simultaneously. We are told that “Shem was 100 years old & begot Arphaxad 2 years after the Flood”(Gen. 11:10). *Very soon afterward(the Flood), & not as young men, did they begin having children.

Each of chapter 10’s 3 sections has 3 categories. 1)The son is listed; Japheth, Ham, Shem; 2)The descendents of the son are listed; & 3)A summary is given concerning these offspring”—:5, 20, 31—John MacArthur

Answers the ‘How?’ of 9:19.

“Genealogy”(See :32)—hdlwt to-led-dah'—1) Descendants, results, proceedings, generations, genealogies—1a) Account of men & their descendants—1a1) Genealogical list of one's descendants, 1a2) One's contemporaries, 1a3) Course of history (of creation etc), 1b) Begetting or account of heaven (metaph). Strong—(plural only) Descent, i.e. Family; (figuratively) History.

“Flood”—lwbm mab-bool'—1) Flood, deluge. 1a) Noah's flood that submerged the entire planet earth under water for about a year.

10:2ff.—The sons of Japheth were Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech, & Tiras.”

First of genealogical preference are the offspring of Japheth as they pertain to limited & specific paternal lineages. These may be decided as they specifically relate to the Israelites of Moses’ day after having left the land of Egypt & are about to enter the Promised Land.

Many of these peoples are recognizable throughout the Scriptures both Old & New. It is presumed that many of these names would have been recognizable to the children of Israel prior to their entering the Promised Land.

The order of these names does not appear to be by location(E-W-N-S etc.). What is important to the author(Moses) is their origin by family. Thus their wanderings are inconsequential. However, all appear to be to the North of & E or W of Palestine.

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