Summary: The bible records a man named Jarius who displayed the qualities that every real daddy should exhibit.

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Introduction: In our text, a man name Jarius pleaded with Jesus on behalf of his daughter. Jarius was a man of position in the Jewish Synagogue. He did not allow his rank or position to supercede his love for his daughter or his need of Jesus. A man of high rank pleads publicly for his daughter. What a powerful message in these days of the absent father. Jarius got a break-through because he wasn’t afraid to break-down.

Let us consider the following qualities of a real daddy:

1. Jarius Was a Man of Personal Responsibility.

A. He takes charge of the family emergency.

B. He does not leave the mother to handle matters alone.

C. He humbles himself before Jesus.

2. Jarius Was a Man of Faith.

A. He states the problem to Jesus.

B. He claims her healing by his words.

C. When he knew that she was dead, he still obeyed Jesus’s word.

3. Jarius Was a Man of Priority.

A. His position was not more important than his child.

B. His Social status did not stop him from seeking Jesus.

C. His peers did not hinder his pursuit of a break-through.

4. Jarius Was a Man of Open Prayer.

A. He does not hide to pray.

B. He sought Jesus openly.

C. He pleaded greatly for his child.

5. Jarius Was a Man Without An "Ego Problem".

A. He does not send Mom to Jesus.

B. He does not feel the need to appear macho.

C. He doesn’t care who sees him cry out in prayer.

6. Jarius Was a Man Who Loved His Daughter.

A. Her need troubled him.

B. He was determined to bring Jesus to her.

C. She would later remember her father’s public prayer that caused a break-through in her life.

7. Jarius Was A Man Who Was Not Ashamed to Bring Christ Into His Home.

A. He desired Christ to come to his home.

B. He knew that Christ would bring about a change.

C. Jarius’s home would never be the same. (It would now be known as a place where a miraculous break-through occurred)

Conclusion: Oh that more daddies would pray openly. God is calling for daddies who will invite him into thier homes.

May Good Bless and Keep You

Pastor Rodney L. Johnson Sr.,

Historic Bethlehem Baptist Church

Hahnville, LA.

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