Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The delays of Jesus does not mean denial.

The raising of Jairus’s daughter.

Mark 5:22 -- 24, 35—42 12/28/03

When Jesus walked this earth, He went around doing well. Everywhere he went he was an example of compassion on foot. He loved the ones that the world considered an outcast. He even loved the ones who would consider others outcast. He went about healing the lame and the blind. He went about offering salvation to anyone who would place his or her faith in him.

Capernaum was the place he considered the headquarters of his ministry. When he arrived in Capernaum, the Bible says it was noised that Jesus was back in town. Most believe he would reside in the house of Peter. When the talk got out that Jesus was in the house, people would bring their sick for Jesus to heal them.

It is in this little city we want to look at yet another miracle performed by Jesus. It is the miracle of raising up a little girl who had died. The raising up of Jairus’s daughter.

The first point I want to call to your attention is A FATHER’S LOVE. Look at verses 22 -- 24.

The word of God tells us that Jairus was one of the rulers of the synagogue. The synagogue was the local center of worship. Jairus was a layperson elected as one of the rulers. He would be responsible for supervising worship services. He would care for the scrolls, the Old Testament Scriptures. He would have charge of running the weekly schools. He would have the responsibility of keeping the congregation faithful to the law. He would help in the distributing of money to the needy. And often times, he would be the one to secure the teacher to teach at the worship hour. Also, being a synagogue ruler meant he had closed ties to the Pharisees. Having closed ties to the Pharisees also meant that he had been pressured not to support the ministry of Jesus. But I want to tell you neither pressure or position could stop Jairus from coming to the one who could help his sick daughter. You see, now one of his family, his only daughter was facing death.

Most people have enough religion to live with the many wonder if that is enough to die with. You are never ready to live unless you are ready to die. Will the faith you have right now get you to heaven?

I want us to see not on a father’s love but A FAITH TESTED. Look at verses 35 -- 40 a.

With Jairus leading the way to the house where his daughter lay dying, a woman who had been sick for a long time made her way to touch the garment of Jesus and was healed. The time taken by Jesus to seek out and speak to the woman was too long for the little sick girl. During the delay, she died. The message was delivered to Jairus to come home his daughter was dead. The opportunity for healing had passed. Jesus was no longer needed. In other words, to the crowd, Jesus was too late. But the impossibility of death was only an opportunity for Jesus. He told Jairus don’t be afraid just believe. With the same faith you came to many, keep believing with that faith even in the face of death.

We see a father’s love a faith tested and next we see A FAMILY REUNITED. Look at verses 38 -- 42.

When Jesus got to the house, there was a great commotion. People crying and wailing. Jesus said why all of this commotion the child is not dead but sleeping. All the people including Jesus knew that the child was dead. Jesus used the image of sleep to indicate that the girl’s condition was temporary and that she would be restored. While we mourn the loss of people we love, if our love one dies in the Lord, separation is not forever.

The Bible tells us that the people laughed at him. If they had not, they might would have been able to see the miracle. Jesus took the parents and three disciples in the room where the daughter lay dead. He took the little girl by the hand and said to her Talitha Koum, which means little girl I say to you get up. Jesus came into this world to conquer sin and death. Listen, when this little girl came back from the dead, she did not come back in the sick stake in which she left. She came back well and complete and able to walk around. What a savior! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Do you know Jesus?

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