Summary: This is the second in a four sermon series on the birth announcement of Christ and the reaction of those most involved in the events.

The Reaction of Joseph

Matthew 1:18-25

I. Joseph Reacted With Mercy (v. 18-19)

A. His mercy reached past the circumstance (v. 18b)

1. He did not allow the circumstance to rule him

2. He did not allow the circumstance to dictate his character

B. His mercy reached out due to personal righteousness (v. 19a)

1. It ran counter to the culture

2. It ran counter to human nature

C. His mercy reached over justice (v. 19b)

1. His mercy is a picture of God’s mercy

2. His mercy moved toward God’s purpose

II. Joseph Reacted by Faith (v. 20-23)

A. His faith was challenged by God’s plan (v. 20)

1. Faith is challenged when God’s plan seems unreasonable

“…do not be afraid to take to you Mary your wife…”

2. Faith is challenged when God’s plan seems unexplainable

“…for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit…”

B. His faith was encouraged by God’s plan (v. 21)

1. God’s plan to His people (Israel)

2. God’s plan for him personally

3. God’s plan for mankind

C. His faith was confirmed by God’s Word (v. 22-23)

1. God’s word never returns void

2. God’s plan for man is revealed in His word

III. Joseph Reacted by Obeying (v. 24-25)

A. Joseph’s faith was followed by obedience (v. 24a)

B. Joseph’s obedience would cost him (v. 24b)

1. It would bring ridicule from the world

2. It would bring separation from the world

3. It would bring him into God’s will

C. Joseph’s obedience was a detailed obedience (v. 25)

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