Summary: This message is the first in a series of four that take a look at four reactions to the announcement of the first advent of Christ.

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The Reaction of Mary

Luke 1:26-38

I. The Fear of Mary (v. 26-30)

A. She Feared Because of the Messenger (v. 26-28)

1. Angels Are From the Heavenly Realm

2. Angels Often Brought News (Good & Bad)

B. She Feared Because of the Unknown (v. 29)

C. In Fear She Was Encouraged (v. 30)

1. We should encouraged because of Who Lives Within Us (John 14:16

2. Fear is not something given from God (II Tim. 1:7)

II. The Question of Mary (v. 31-35)

A. She Questioned Because of the Method of God (v. 31)

1. God’s Method Seemed Impossible

2. God’s Method Baffled Human Wisdom

3. God’s Method Would Accomplish God’s Plan

B. She Questioned Because of the Title (v. 32-33)

1. Son of God

2. King of His People

3. His Kingdom Would Be Eternal

C. She Questioned Because of Her Situation (v. 34-35)

1. God didn’t need a perfect person

2. God didn’t need the perfect situation

3. God just need a willing servant

III. The Submission of Mary (v. 36-38)

A. She submitted due to the proof of God’s power (v. 36)

B. She submitted due to God’s unlimited power (v. 37)

C. She submitted because she trusted God’s power (v. 38)

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