Summary: Believers should beware of the counterfeit gospel that is being promoted today.

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I was working at the prison and saw an inmate who was being set free. He had been back to prison seven times. He was the best tractor driver at the prison. He kept the grass in the fields around the prison cut. He told prison officers to leave the light on. He probably anticipated on coming back. He also requested a new tractor before he came back. Some people just enjoy being "locked-up".

Many believers are contented to live in a spiritual prison. The Apostle Paul delivered a message to the Galatians proclaiming freedom in Christ. We are not to allow religion to bring us into bondage. We are saved and set free totally by God’s grace.

We begin a series of messages in Galatians with the theme being this..."Living in the Freedom of God’s Grace". To live free in Jesus, we need to get an understanding about the gospel of Christ that sets us free. Being a good Baptist, Methodist, or Nazarene will not set you free. Only Jesus can set you free!

In Galatians, chapter 1, verses 1-9 we are looking at the Real Gospel which sets us free to serve God.

There is only one message we must always preach from this pulpit. That is the real gospel.

The gospel is by definition (see ICor 15:1-4) THE DEATH, BURIAL, RESURRECTION OF CHRIST.

We may be reading in Genesis...Exodus...Psalms...Malachi....Revelation.It’s all the GOSPEL. The word "gospel" means "good news".

To appreciate the good news, we must know about the bad news. The bad news is that we have all sinned. Sin leads to eternal damnation. The Good News is that Jesus came to deliver us from our sins.

The evil world loves bad news. It seems the

TV media are drawn to the bad things that happen.

We preach the glorious gospel of Christ.

1. The good news is all about Jesus Christ......GOSPEL OF CHRIST...

v.1, v.6 “from him” The bible is a HIM book. v.7 Jesus is not a new addition to the

Bible....He co-existed with God before the foundation of the world.

The Good news is about how Jesus came. He lived here on earth;taught God’s Word; performed miracles.

He laid down his life; died; was buried; rose again. He spent 40 days on earth after his

resurrection with his followers. He ascended back and sent back the Holy Spirit.Now He lives

forever more at the right hand of God making intercession for us. One day He will come back to get His church.

Good news is not about what denominations have done.....what great women/men of God

have done..It’s all about WHAT JESUS HAS DONE....IS DOING...AND WILL DO!!!!

O! What a Saviour! What a Mighty King! A Sovereign Lord! Blessed Redeemer!

O for a 1000 tongues to sing...blessed be the name of the Lord!

Great and mighty things he has done...

We could sing all day, all night....and never sing about it all.....

We could preach all day, all night....and never cover it all....

We could put on a play....and never be able to dramatize it all...

We could use the various colors available to us...and never be able to capture on canvass the magnificient of it all...

The Gospel is about Jesus and More specifically....The Gospel is Jesus Christ .

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