Summary: This sermon covers the contemporary concepts as well at the biblical concepts of Hell

The Reality of Hell

Kenneth W. Wright

The New Iberia Church of Christ

Sermon Outline

A. I am here to talk about the Reality of the Biblical Subject – Hell.

B. I will cover these main points:

1. Hell is not a popular subject these days.

2. The Error Taught by Some

3. The Evidence in the Scriptures

4. The Testimony of Jesus

C. You should care about these points, because:

1. Look around you – you may be sitting next to someone who will be lost forever in the fires of hell.

a. Mothers and Fathers – Look at your children… If you don’t make service to God a reality for them in this life --- they will exist eternally in torment --- hating you for your lack of love for them… They’re not going to care about all the toys you bought them --- all the spankings you never gave them --- They’re not going to care about all the fishing trips, little league games, or movies you ever took them to… Their not going to care that you gave them a car --- or a college education --- or that you let them make their own decisions about whether or not to go to church services …. They’re not going to care that you were more concerned about their school grades than you were about their immortal soul…

b. It could be your fishing buddy or your best friend or the guys you work with everyday… They’re not going to care that you laughed at their course jokes --- bought them lunch --- shared a six-pack of Bud-light with them after work --- or paid for every other round of eight-ball at the bar… Their not going to care that you gave them tickets to the Ice Gators game --- or that you were the power hitter on the softball team --- or that nine times out of ten --- they played your shot in a round of best-ball.

c. Children - It could be your mothers and fathers… If they go to hell --- they will never say to you again, “I love you.”--- You will never feel their hugs or their kisses --- or ride with them to the beach --- or anything else…

2. Or, folks, it could be you….

a. If you’re one of those poor individuals who thinks that you can reject the salvation offered by God through his son Jesus Christ – Then Hell is your destiny.

b. If you’re one of those people that have not truly been converted to Christ Jesus – Hell is your destiny.

c. If you’re one of those hypocrites Jesus speaks about – one of those people that simple go through the motions of living a Christian life without loving God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind – Hell is your destiny.

d. If you’re one of those people who believe that just because your name is in a church directory some where but you do not have to support the work of the body of Christ – that all this ‘church stuff’ just get in your way – Hell is your destiny.

e. If you’re one of those people who cannot make time for service to God because your Day-timer is too full ---- or you have too much work to do --- or all this church stuff conflicts with the things you really want to do in life --- or your choose to hang around the house because you need your quiet time – Hell is your destiny.

D. My First Point Is: There has been a shift in the popular worldview of Hell.

1. There was a time that preachers talked about the destination of the wicked.

a. Jimmy Allen wrote a book entitled, “What is Hell Like.”

b. Jonathan Edward delivers a classic sermon entitled, “Sinners Falling Into The Hands of A Living God.”

c. Some where along the line – people became more concerned with what came to be called “The practicalities of Christian Living.”

d. There has been a tremendous emphasis on the Goodness and Grace of God --- To be sure --- the reality of Hell has all but disappeared from our pulpits.

2. The Reality of Hell has been undermined in our society.

a. We’ve all heard the jokes about “shoveling coal” or the salesman who is so good he could sell air conditioners to the Devil… Or the little man who was happy to be in hell because at last he could have some peace and quiet for him wife.

b. Willy Nelson’s Birthday Bash on television 2 weeks ago – Aero Smith’s lead singer Steven Tyler said, “Happy birthday Willie. Here’s hoping that we’ll have twice as much fun in hell as we did her on earth trying to get there.”

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