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Summary: Sermon deals with the realities of hell.

Reality of Hell

Text: Luke 16:19-31

Reading this verse of scripture and this story from eternity I would like tonight and feel very strongly too tell you of the Realities of Hell.

Although the preaching of Hell is not a popular message and is very seldom preached among the church world, it is spoken often in the word of God, more often than heaven, grace, or love in fact it is mentioned by Jesus Christ more than anything else. Why? For the fact that it is real and God wishes for none to go.


Recently a poll was taken Jan. 2000 in the U.S. News and World Report saying that 64% of Americans believe in hell 25% say there is not a hell and 9% say they don’t know. (sermoncenteral)

No Atheist in Foxholes

The world has come along ways in a short time. They refuse to believe in anything evil yet our world grows more evil every day. Unfortunately your decision to believe in hell does not lower the temp. of hell one degree, brighten the darkness in the least not calm the calamity of those that are there. I heard a wise saying one time that there are no atheist in fox wholes. You see friend your idea of the realness of hell as you set in comfort in peace will not be the same as your vision of hell on your deathbed. There are no atheist in foxholes because there is something inside of you that knows the truth of eternity but it can not really surface to the top of your life until life is no more until the smothering cares of life mean nothing any more and let me assure you friend your trials your troubles and your fears will be trivial when you take your last breath.

My Accident

My life was normal and unexpecting of tragedy when the bumper of a LTD came crashing into my back I had no time to repent like I always figured I would if I would have died it would have been at a moment that I was angry and frustrated and I cant say that I was as comfortable in my walk with God as I would have cared to have been. You see many of us feel like a mediocre walk with God will do. Pray now and then, go to church and act a little concerned but trust me friend in your last moments you will want to be not a maybe, but a sure thing. It happens so fast, as quick as blinking your eye and you are in eternity. The first thing I said when I became conscious again was Oh God. The first thing that I could do, not caring of the large crowd of spectators around me was raise my hands like some of us are so afraid to do and I cried out to my creator.

Cry out now, OH GOD! Raise your hands now! Ignore the eyes of man now! While you have the opportunity to do what is right.

Rich Man

It happened in a moment to the Rich man but is future was forever in written in eternity it didn’t matter who he was what his titles were or who he knew he had no control he was fallen into a pit of forgotten to spend eternity in the eternity that he refused to believe was there.

Doctors Reports of some resuscitated from death

There is a doctor his name I have forgotten but he was classified as a Atheist, but he did a study on many that had had near death experiences and those who had been actually classified as dead and resuscitated. He interviewed about 300 people with these experiences and all told of similar images of devilish creatures and a Lake of Fire, screams, and moaning, but it wasn’t until a very one on one experience that he became a believer. He said he was trying to resuscitate a man who was dying and he slipped in and out of consciousness. Each time he would resuscitate him the man would scream help me I am in hell, time and time again he would slip back out into a unconscious state only to return screaming I am in hell, it is so hot, it burns help me, and it was in his last moments that he stopped looked the Doctor in the eyes as his eyes dilated and with his last breath said don’t you understand me I AM IN HELL!(sermoncenteral)


The Bible says that in Hell will be utter darkness is says the blackness of darkness and it describes it as outer darkness and the chains of darkness. They say you can go into some caverns in the earth by the way of caves and you can reach a deep darkness that if you were to pull your finger to your eye you would poke yourself in the eye and never see it coming, and if you stayed long enough without any light you would soon lose control of your coordination and probably fall or faint but exposed to the deep darkness to long and you will go blind. Church this does not compare with the darkness of Hell.

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