Summary: A sermon about Nimrod, the great grandson of Noah.

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The Religion Of Nimrod

Gen 10:8-11, 11:1-9

I. Notice Nimrod’s Rebellion. Vs 8-9

His very name means "rebel or we will rebel".

Notice also the words V9 "before the Lord" This phrase literally means "against God"

Nimrod rebelled against the Lord.

a. He disregarded the past of his family.

His grandfather, and great grandfather along with the others who survived the great flood left a great legacy to their family. Out of all mankind they were the only ones who believed God. They had found grace in the sight of God. After the floods receded from the earth, the first thing that his great grandfather Noah did when he came from the ark was to build an altar, and offer a sacrifice to the Lord. This was something that pleased the Lord.

Nirmod would have nothing to do with the faith of his ancestors. Instead of learning from their experiences, he rebelled against their teaching, and their practices.

Nimrod’s actions became the subject of a saying back in those days...

Look at V 9 Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD.

When I was rebellious as a child, my mom would say.......Mike you’re as stubborn as a mule or when I tell you something it goes in one ear, and out the other.....but imagine in Nimrod’s day........perhaps they said to a rebellious child.........."You’re as rebellious as Nimrod the mighty hunter who turned against God !"

Can’t you see a bit of the "prodigal" in Nimrod. He wanted to take care of himself. He reminds me of the song of Frank Sinatra...."I did it my way"

b. He disobeyed the principles of God.

God commanded Noah, and his family when they stepped from the ark that they had a responsibility to 9:1 Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. This didn’t just mean that God wanted to earth repopulated, but I believe also that he wanted to replenish the earth with people of faith.

Nimrod was content with making a name for himself. He cared nothing of the kind of faith that his family had before him There is no records in the scripture of Nimrod ever having any children of his own.

c. He disbelieved the promises of God.

In my heart I believe that Nimrod resented what God had done through the flood,(perhaps Nimrod was the first one who could a loving God ?????) and he was determined to set himself against God to make certain that they would be able to survive the next flood.

Yet, God had already promised that he would not destroy the earth, and the inhabitants again by flood. The rainbow in the sky was a sign of his promise. Can’t you see Nimrod as a child......his grandparents pointing to a rainbow in the sky.....that’s a sign from God of his promises ! I believe that Nimrod hated rainbows because he was a rebel against God in his heart, and was determined that he didn’t need God or his promises nor his protection !

II. Notice Nimrod’s Rulership. Vs 10-11

In V8 the phrase "mighty one" is "warrior, champion, ruler....and tyrant". Nimrod made quite a name for himself upon the earth. Nimrod’s was a selfish person whose desire was to prove that he did not have to depend upon God as had his family ! He would make it on his own !

The idea of "mighty hunter" shows his great skill, and also his ambition. He was a great sportsman, but his greatest sport may have been that of hunting men. Nimrod was no doubt a conqueror of men.

a. He established a domain.

V10 the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.

Rather than replenishing the earth, Nimrod is determined to rule over his own domain, and to make it as large and prosperous as possible.

What a kingdom it was ! Nimrod was the founder of the place called Babylon, and surrounding areas which is modern day Iraq.

All the cities mentioned above would become major worship centers for many pagan deities including the "moon god"........."allah"

b. He extended his dominion.

V11. A person whose main ambition, objective, and purpose in life is to be above others, to have more than others is never satisfied. Those who will make pleasure, power, and prestige their pursuit are never content no matter how much they might gain.

Nimrod is not content with what he has established but goes forth now to Assyria where he builds cities in Nineveh, Rehoboth, Calah, and Resen. These cities also became worship centers for pagain deities.

c. He excercised his domination. Chapter 11

Having gained many followers, and having conquered others, he engages them in his plans, and usurps his power over them. He has a plan, and his plan requires people ! The person who would be dictator can only be dictator if the people below him are willing to follow. Nimrod had quite a following !

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