Summary: Sermon that encourages the believer,to not be ashamed of faith and zeal,but to be consumed by it.


Text: Psalms 69:7-12



He said, “the zeal of thy house hath eaten my up”. David loved the things of God and the House of God so much that he actually came to a place in his walk that he felt as if he was eaten up by it , that he was so in love with God that God had actually consumed him. David had come to a place in his walk with God that he had invested almost everything he spent so much time in God that at the end of the day there was nothing left for David because it had all been spent on God.

Have you ever loved something so much that you spent so much of your time doing it that at the end of the day there was nothing left no time, no money etc… to spend on yourself because you had already spent it on the thing you really loved and enjoyed most?

Think about it what is your love and enjoyment in life? What do you find yourself invested in at the end of the day. What is it that you are so obsessed with that at the end of the day there is no time for anything else. Is it your girlfriend, your sport, your T.V. is it your job? To David it was God.


This was a man in which the Bible says,

Was a man after Gods own heart ( his heart beat along with Gods, his hopes, dreams etc…)

He meditated on the Lord day and night

I was glad when they said, “ lets go into the House Of The Lord”

He said, “Thy word is sweeter than honey”

As the hart panteth after the water brooks so my soul panteth after thee O lord

Worship Was a man that loved worship he actually loved worshiping the Lord so much that until Solomon built the temple David appointed someone at all times to stand at the door of the tabernacle and sing and play music unto the Lord continually.

Instruments- They say that every musical instrument is somehow created or at least somehow inspired by David.

Stepped into Fanaticism

David began to dance in the streets. His own wife told him, “you behave like a fool”.


Stranger to my brethren--Many times in the midst of tradition, repetition, and our programs in our churches the fanatic may not fit in, he may be a stranger. (1Peter 2:11 I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims.) People do not like to leave their comfort zone, but we must remember faith is not always popular but it is the only way to God.

Alien to my mothers children--Matthew 19:29

Fanatic-- Someone that loves something beyond reasoning.


Fanaticism is beyond reasoning but that is what faith is beyond reasoning and were miracles lay beyond reasoning.

Saul his 1,000 but David his10,000

Many of us want the victory of a king and the result of fanaticism but few of us want the responsibilities of a king nor the reproach of a fanatic.

Before David was a fanatic about God on the throne he was fanatical about God as a shepherd boy.

Faithful over a few things I will make you ruler over many

Paul / The wise in Christ and the Fools for Christ

1 cor. 4:10-14

Wise -- Have mastered the appearance of a Christian without sacrifice.

Fool for Christ--- Being a fanatic, consumed with nothing left for your self.


Woman who gave the mite.

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