Summary: Easter Message concerning the necessity of the ressurection.

“The Resurrection Road”

Various Passages

- Easter season one of most important to Christians

- Why? Because Easter leads us down “The Resurrection Road”

- I just want us to journey that road this morning as we look together at why Easter is so significant to us as believers

- We will be using several passages of the bible to make this journey

- Pray

- TRANS: First we will go to Matt 21:1-11


- Jesus rides in on His royal chariot – DONKEY (Expound)

- The crowds are large and excited…spread cloaks…palm leaves

- Crowds shouted…Hosanna (save us) Jesus was the King to free them from Roman rule

- Whole city was stirred “Who is this?”

- Crowds answered, “this is Jesus, the prophet”

- They really had no idea Who Jesus was…like many today

- TRANS: But after a while, the excitement seems to fade and Jesus takes time to eat with His disciples as the road leads us to…


- Go to Matt 26 starting in verse 17

- It’s the time of the Passover…no coincidence (Sacrifice of Lamb)

- Many things are discussed around the table as they were reclining together

- Jesus reveals there is a betrayer among them…and of course all say “Surely not I”

- But this betrayal must take place if we are to continue down the Resurrection road

- After he revealed it was Judas, Jesus then took the bread and broke it (Expound)

- Then Jesus took the cup and gave it to them (Blood shed for you)

- Then Jesus drops the bombshell…all will fall away (Ole Peter – expound)

- As we move down the road…we see Peter’s denial…all part traveling that road

- TRANS: Once Jesus is arrested, Pilate sets one man which leads us to…


- Barrabas has been charged with treason…band of rebels overthrow Roman gov’t

- He is a thief, a liar, a cheat, has had several convictions before

- But this was to be the last as he was set to be crucified

- But Pilate has the issue of Jesus…innocent blood

- Pilate, governor, can set one man free as was the custom

- He asked for the people’s choice…same crowd crying out “Hosanna”

- Now look what they say in Matt 27:21-26

- Crucify Him!!! He didn’t save us…Crucify Him!!!

- Pilate washed his hands…but people said “Let His blood be upon us and our children”

- Can you imagine being Barrabas? (Expound)

- TRANS: As we continue down the Resurrection Road, we see the horrid sight of what is taking place towards…


- The soldiers are mocking Jesus as the whole company gathered around Him

- They strip Him and put a scarlet robe on Him…twist together a crown made of thorns…set it on His head…gave Him a staff as His sceptor

- Mocked Him as “King of Jews” bowed in jest…they spit on Him

- They beat Him on the head with staff…AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!

- Then they stripped Him down again and took Him to be crucified

- He is already bleeding, beaten, spit on, face swollen beyond recognition, and yet even at the point of passing out…

- Jesus still walks down the Resurrection Road

- They nailed Him to the cross…at the place called Golgatha, “the place of the skull”

- After pounding the nails into His hands and feet, flesh tearing, bone breaking…they dropped the cross into a hole

- People all around gazed at Him and look what many said under their breath in Matt 27:42

- Then finally, Jesus cries out to God, after already asking forgiveness for those who have done this terrible thing…

- He cries out, IT IS FINISHED…Sin had been paid for…man can now be redeemed once and for all

- But it does not end there as we continue down the Resurrection Road and take a look at…


- Jesus was now dead…what was going to happen next?

- Peter…denied Jesus, how miserable He felt…What might he be thinking?

- Supposed to save us…He was suppose to be King…now He’s dead

- Jesus’ body was prepared for burial and placed in the tomb of Joseph from Arimathea

- How confused all of the disciples must have felt…they lost their leader

- As He was placed in the tomb a huge stone was rolled in front of it

- Then, soldiers were ordered to guard it…so His disciples don’t try to steal His body and say He has risen

- For three days…the clock ticked…and the tomb was silent

- But, after the third day…the day we call Easter…the tomb could be silent no more

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