Summary: Simeon and Anna did not live their senior lives without purpose, they dedicated the rest of their lives to praise God and were blessed for it.

Simeon and Anna were different from the rest of the older people in the place Jesus was circumcised. Their difference made them stand out, if you would have been looking for it.

We must praise; it builds all those God uses.

I. Eyes Expecting God’s Promise (25-27)

A. His faith changed his life

B. His trust in God drove him to expect God’s promise

C. His openness made him bold and trustworthy

II. Lips Expressing God’s Praise (28-32)

A. God has kept his promise, to even me

B. God’s works will be seen before all people

C. God still glorifies His people with gifts

III. A Heart Experiencing God’s Peace (33-35)

A. He moved Mary and Joseph

B. He understood some of what would happen, and still rested in God’s hands

C. He was ready to meet God

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