Summary: A different type of sermon , not only a celebration of Jesus but a call to repentance.Understanding our duty even in times of celebration.

The Resurection. A once in a life time event, or is it? As the death toll in Iraq reaches 500, there must be an assurance of a good life after death. Not only for them but all those that believe in Jesus. God has given us an oppertunity to live in Jesus. Most sermons on Easter Sunday are concerning the resurection from the tomb, but isnt there more, more than what Jesus did for us, didnt He promise us ,if we believed in Him, thou we be dead, that we shall still yet live? Jesus will not be slak on His promise. There was a song a couple of years ago that I remember, it went something like this, "Hes alive, Hes alive, all my sins have been forgiven, Heavans gates are opened wide, Hes Alive." Jesus was our example, even in death and especially in resurection, the same spirit that raised Him from the dead, shall also quicken our mortal bodies. Praying for souls is one thing, telling them about Jesus is another and haveing them accept Jesus is another. Have we emphasied a resurected body enought? Have we told them ,not only did Jesus raise from the dead but that they would to? People are afraid of dieing, but some are more afraid of liveing, liveing in a state of uncertanty, confusion, and liveing a life of lonelyness.Have we told them that the women at the tomb were asked, "Why seek you the Liveing amoung the Dead?" A promiss was kept, when the women couldnt find Jesus, and a new era began at that moment, Death had to take a back seat to Jesus. Easter is a time of celabration, yes, but its also a time to call the lost to Jesus. We dont stop preaching salvation because of the celabration but we increase it. Christ could be back at Easter or the day after, we dont know the day or hour. Compell them to come in He said, we dont take a day off, we cant stop. Heavans gates are opened wide and the celabration that we should be looking forward to, is the one at the Lambs supper, The day that the Bridegroom and the Bride finally get together, to celebrate a joyfull reunion. A different type of sermon?, Yes, for a different period in time. The clock is running down, many say that we are in the 11th hour or maby even later. Isnt it time for the part time christian to get closer to God? You know them, they show up on Easter, Christmas and any other time that there is a celabration. Jude spoke of these, 1:12,These are spots in your feast of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear; clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots. At the celebration of Easter, Christmas, Good Friday, ect, we as christians must bring forth an offering to God for His mercy and love, An offering worthy of acceptance, bringing it to the alter in reverance to Jesus and Our Heavanly Father, who gave His best that we might live. Life after death is an acertanity, theres no doubt that we all shall rise one way or another. We are all immortal, some will rise to everlasting joy and piece, haveing the angels of Heavan greating us as we arrive, haveing put on the rightiouness of God, so that we may inter into His rest. Others will rise into everlasting contempt, with an eternity of pain and suffering, because of their rejection of Christ, as their saviour. A resurection, yes, but more than that, a life eather in Heavan or in Hell. The resurection of Jesus was much more, it was a begining of a new way of life, a new way of doing things, a new way of worshiping God. It changed thought, mine, heart, soul and body. The changes that became into being, had no boundries, no seperation of cultures or race, it had no limits as to whom could be saved, it was the will of God that no man should be lost but that all should come into repentance. There are no divisions any more, Jew and Greek, Gentile, man, woman, child, race creed color, national origans, nothing mattered any more, salvation throu one name, became a reality, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, no matter what language, it means the same thing, Life. The resurection of Jesus made all men equal, no more were there people left outside. But there is a spirit in the world today that is trying to change how we view not only the resurection but also the scriptures, that is the spirit of antichrist. He would have you believe that there were no resurection, he would have you to believe that Jesus was taken from the tomb and hid, he would have you believe that you can do anything you want and still be saved, Who shall believe our report? Brothers and sisters ,there is no hafe way salvation, no hafe way christian, as the old saying goes, "99.9 percent wont do." The life of Jesus was a turning point in the begining of Salvation for all, His death was the Price that He had to pay to deliever us from the pit, and His resurection was the proof of His promisses. The Bible states that, If Jesus hadnt raised from the grave, we would be ,of all men, most missirable. The Word, the Law , the Prophets , our salvation, hung in the ballance ,waiting on the resurection. Three days of uncertanty, three days of anguish, three days of hope, it all waited on Jesus. Now my frends, we no longer wait on Jesus, He waits on us, waiting for you to say, forgive me, accept me as I am and change me into your immage, your likeness, your expectations. What are you waiting on, why not take this time of celebration and make it a day of rebirth? Just as I am, without one plee, ask Jesus into your heart today, before you hear Him say, "Go Away." ars

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