Summary: The resurrection happened so that acts 2 could happen. Not just forgiven people but transformed people. We are forgiven so that we can have with God in Jesus Christ and be remade in Jesus’ image.f

Intro: Someone asked me are we having anything special today? I said no. I have thought about that all week. We are having something special today we are celebrating the resurrection of our savior, Lord, Master, King, friend, and God. Jesus Christ. We do not have to have pageants or special programs celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. How did the early church celebrate the resurrection of Jesus? Acts 2 tells us that they continued to meet to break bread, to devote themselves to teaching and prayer.

There are a lot of exciting things that go on here at Immanuel and at others church gatherings. Listen to the wisdom of Charles Haddon Spurgeon (tell about him). “It very often happens that the converts that are born in excitement die when the excitement is over.”

What is the great emphasis of the book of Acts? The emphasis of Acts is a personal experience with Jesus Christ that gives power to proclaim the gospel.

I. The cross (2.23)

A) Prearranged plan of God

From the beginning of time the suffering of Jesus and His atonement of sin was God’s design. God knows exactly where you are right now. The preacher doesn’t have to know what your doing for the Holy Spirit to hit you right in the heart. If you feel exposed right now like everyone is looking as we declare the cross of Christ and your sin then that is the conviction of the Holy Spirit of your sin.

B) Personal plan of God (Acts 2.3 “rested on each one of them” Acts 2.38 “repent each of you”)

The world likes to assembly line everything. What you find in this world is that you can be lost in a crowd become a number and mean nothing. When Jesus was on the cross your name was in his mind. When he exploded from the tomb you life was in His hands. You are not a number, and you will never be lost in the crowd with Jesus. He knows his sheep by name.

C) Powerful plan of God

Gospel is the power of God for salvation. Never be ashamed of the good news.

II. The crown (2.32)

A) Confirmation

The resurrection is the confirmation of the saving work of Christ on the cross. Not only did Jesus finish the work of salvation. But the resurrection is proof of God the Fathers acceptance of Jesus’ payment of our sin debt. Why did it have to be resurrection? Because the power of God points back to God as the one who can take care of our biggest problem, rebellion against God. The resurrection confirms the claims of Jesus as messiah, Son of God, it proves that Jesus is God. Only someone who is perfect can pay the perfect price required to forgive sins.

B) Coronation (2.30, 33, 34-36)

The center of Easter is the resurrection. There must be a crucifixion before a resurrection. But the death means nothing without rebirth. When Jesus was loosed from the clutches of death He was crowned not only with life but with glory. So what should we ask about our life? Is Jesus crowned king in your life?

The grave could not hold Jesus. Inviting Christ to be king of your life also invites the life giving power that raised Him from the dead into your life.

III. The church

A) Repentance (2.38-40)

What do you need to do to become part of the Body of Christ? Repent of your sin and place your faith and your life in the hands of Jesus. True biblical repentance is a changing. When the Holy Spirit blew into the lives of the disciples and apostles they went from when will you restore the Israel, to proclaiming the cross, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. National and personal pride no longer was important. Repentance was a transformation brought by trusting Christ. Baptism is a proclamation because you have trusted Christ. There is no room for secret followers of Jesus. Baptism is a way of telling people Hey! I met Jesus! Baptism doesn’t save you it just tells others you are following Jesus. Behavior is another way to proclaim Jesus. The reason God wants us to allow the Spirit to change our thinking is so that our doing will become Christ centered. How do I do this? Read what Jesus did. Read what Paul taught about attitudes and actions. Then begin believing God and doing it!!

What is the Biblical recipe for victory? Plead the blood of the lamb, preach the book, present your body.

B) Reception of the message (2.41-42)

What does the gospel do to us when we really hear it? The power of the Spirit of God rushes over us like a powerful wind and convinces those without Christ that we are the ones who yelled “crucify Him!”

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